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Defend bath maintenance tips (2)

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-09

Bathroom sanitary ware used more frequently, if maintain undeserved easy ageing, today we arrange some small sanitary and maintenance of knowledge, help you to do a good job of sanitary and maintenance. 1, construction installation in order to ensure the accuracy of the toilet, please try to use glass glue seal first, such as cement mortar, the mortar than should be no greater than 3:1, in order to prevent the toilet because of stress. 2, don't to clean into newsprint, paper urine mat, easy blocked items such as sanitary napkin. 3, accidentally fell into the toilet inside the debris should be pulled out, jams immediately to attract leather gas. 4, do not make contact with the ceramic hard ware or coarse fabric, not beat, bump. 5, on schedule with detergent. for the adherent dirt, wash not to drop, use a brush to remove, keep the surface clean. 6, cannot use and storage under zero centigrade water environment. 7, computer shower room: the most important to prevent the leakage, check whether circuit insulation on schedule. 8, inside the tub, and not placed extras. ( Towel, silk, etc. ) 。 9, in order to avoid hurting bathtubs and piping, do not use containing sulfur, acid and alkali bath essence or organic solvents. 10, bathroom counter top edges have water to wipe with dry cloth in a timely manner. 

 Bath maintenance tips: how to properly clean the toilet flush the toilet every time, it looks like the fast-flowing water swept away with bacteria, but studies have shown that just finished flush toilet wall, bacteria is still as high as 100000, so clean the toilet is one of the important measures to maintain health. 

 1. Before cleaning the toilet, the room ventilation. Open all the Windows of the room, all the things on the toilet tank. 2. Household rubber gloves on. Tip: if necessary, can wear goggles or is the eye of the commonly used to prevent liquid from entering the eyes. 3. Again the toilet, wash with water, and then open the LIDS. 4. To surround the technique on the inner wall of the toilet into the lavatory, cover the toilet soak for a few minutes. To start cleaning the toilet during the period of the outside. 5. Pass venom on the outer edge of the toilet brush, water tank, flush button, edge of toilet, toilet washer, do not miss a place. 6. Tip: don't mix cleaner, because different kinds of detergent mixture can produce poisonous gas. 7. With a paper towel to wipe the toilet was grazed area of disinfectant. Note: for some it is not easy to clean the toilet health dead Angle, can use an old toothbrush to clean up. 8. Now open the toilet cover, with a toilet brush to wash the toilet wall, especially the inside of the toilet each osculum, to focus on cleaning up. 9. Press the button above the water, with water flushing the toilet again, and use the toilet water washing toilet brush is clean. The toilet is clean. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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