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Details of the wei yu that affect the quality of life, are you ready?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-21
Daily morning rise to going to sleep at night, between sanitary ware is inevitable and home to a close contact. Need daily use high frequency between sanitary ware, take on so many important functions, so it use comfort also often affected the quality of life. Between sanitary ware is almost between the smallest and most functions in the home, if the installation is not reasonable collocation, there will be many inconvenience to use. So want to have a better quality of life, from which details of wei yu?

let wash gargle to

although the to use the bathroom in the home is spacious, but the traditional way of washing, old dragon head on the basin that wash a face with, always let, gargle, wash clean face became more timid, activity is limited.

(1) with capricious smoked pull faucet

want wash gargle to become free, might as well try this one can draw basin faucet! Can rotate 360 ° free water mouth, instantaneous experience that wash gargle with no dead Angle, no longer do with basin that wash a face when shampoo kink strange posture. Appollo smoked pull the wei yu that the appearance of the faucet is shining and rich design feeling, fine coating, good tactility, double online is a strength, appearance level.

let bath more chang shuang

hurt not bath mode, against humanity bathing experience, every time I feel exhausted out of the shower. Want to go daily to rush about overworked, will inevitably give home bathing experience to upgrade, then on the choice of bath equipment is also nots allow to ignore.

(1) the shower shower to constant temperature comfortable

have carefree shower experience, not necessarily of constant temperature and water comfortable thermostatic shower to help. Like the design of Appollo fashion thin thermostatic shower shower, handheld shower water to a variety of functions, perhaps can bring brand-new bathing experience. Booster ultra-thin top to 3 mm thickness, the top gush of water balance. Accurate temperature control, no longer have to worry about because the water while taking a bath and a cold. Durability of the surface of the pure copper, even with long also don't have to worry about it becomes dark and difficult to do.

(2) full security fancy bath

than shower, prefer a bath? Then proceed with such as appearance of bath crock, level and quality to meet your bath dream! ! ! ! Arc shape edge design, fashionable and contracted, from the vision is very easy. Large space of the cylinder block, even big, can also be comfortable bubble bath in it. Select high quality acrylic material of bath crock, strong bearing ability and stability, let bath relic of a sense of security. Has good heat preservation effect, even in winter, also need not worry about the problem of water temperature to reduce oh! These annoying problems, always let toilet became a very fascinating plug? It is time for home toilet upgrading!

1) has a complete liberation hands way of toilet

the toilet is a life-changing event, to the requirement of its nature can not too low. If I can have such a big impact, cleaning, drying, multi-functional intelligent toilet, presumably the toilet also can greatly improve the quality. Massage rinse water, be comfortable air wave drying, let toilet after wash more comfortable and clean, from unhealthy patterns of toilet paper to wipe. Plus automatic flushing water function, make toilet complete liberation hands from now on.

let bathroom cleaner

the toilet of neat and orderly, not only looks comfortable, and let wash gargle, bath become more efficient. Want to make the bathroom clean and tidy up, must first to pile up sundry, wet a little disorganized and easy to breed bacteria commodity 'closed'. It is time to use such a small, but has a large capacity of bathroom ark to tidy up them! The size of the classic practical planning, a variety of combination way, don't worry about it takes up too much space that defend bath. Opening and closing door design of large capacity of ark of the Lord, no matter in common bathroom toiletries, or reserve the use of paper, bath towel, can easily into the laundry detergent, get a thing to is particularly convenient and quick.

want to improve the quality of the life that occupy the home, and might as well, from the perspective of the need to use high frequency it! ! ! ! Do these details that defend bath, will make life more happiness!
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