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Diamond shower room size to calculate good, don't buy the wrong! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
In recent years, in decorating a shower room market has become more and more people are decorating choice between wei yu, this is also prompted industry rapid development, shower room became a household name one of the reasons, all kinds of shower room began to appear on the market, including the acclaimed diamond shower room. Today we introduce to you a diamond prices of shower room, how to measure for the size of the diamond shower room. Diamond shower bath not only meet people's basic needs, and has strong function of dry wet depart. Even after the shower, also won't affect the others use between wei yu. Second, the shower room can effectively save the space between wei yu. To account for only one of the corner between wei yu, as a result, even the small toilet can also be installed. In simple terms, is surrounded by glass shower room space, contracted and do not break design feeling. Besides provides the basic functionality needed for the bath, can achieve illuminative effect, put shower room between wei yu, not only improve the style of wei yu, more can highlight the owner's taste. The existence of shower room makes the whole wei yu style looks more different from others. The contemporary young people advocate contracted, like personality, shower room is more accord with their shopping needs. But only know how to choose diamond shower room is not enough, also need to know how to calculate the size. Diamond shaped shower room: 900 x900mm trilateral size: 450 mm, 636 mm and 450 mm, size = ( 0. 45 + 0. 636 + 0. 45) MX height. Non-standard, for example: the wall size 928 x990x2000mm, building area of [ ( 0. 928 - 0. 9) + ( 0. 99 - 0. 9) + ( 0. 45 + 0. 636 + 0. 45) ] mX2m = 3。 Among 308 ㎡ section size remains the same, both sides and so on. The final price = non-standard room body area of x per square shower room price
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