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Diy installation shower room, must pay attention to this matters - 12 o 'clock

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
As people life quality request more and more high, many after 80, 90, like choose a favorite style, decorated the house meimei, even small toilet also can't make do. Now more families like when decorate themselves, even the newly purchased also prefer to shower room to install. Actually their installation is not no, just worry about at the time of installation is not installed master so professional, or glass, shower room, after all, still have to attach importance to security of. Since the owner or choose diy installation, so small make up just to say to you about the installation of shower room should pay attention to several issues. 1, turn on the shower room packing, the toughened glass first vertical Angle steady inclined lay against the wall, don't be placed or Angle is too big place, so it would be easy to cause the slip on broken glass. 2, when handling, avoid horizontal carrying, should be two vertical transportation at the same time, to avoid collision with other objects. 3, before installing the good, don't depend on the shower room, also do not put weight on the shower room. 4, at the time of installation, can smoke or use of lighters and other items for the fire, or it will likely destroy the spraying of shower room and glass. 5, if have the acid, alkali, organic solvent cleaner is easy to damage the surface of the glass shower room, so we are in clean to avoid using this kind of items, choose neuter cleaner. 6, in clean shower room, it is better to use clear water or neuter soft cleaner to the feeling be nasty, if there is difficult to wipe clean the stains, it is best to use alcohol cotton cloth to wipe. 7, if acrylic products has long been at 100 degrees Celsius will soften, but in order to guarantee won't appear this kind of problem, we'd better avoid above 80 degrees Celsius environment of storage and use. 8, acrylic board with static electricity, so it's easy to be adsorption dust, when clean chassis, the need to use cotton cloth to wipe, dip in on a little soapy water can effectively achieve the best cleaning effect. 9, don't use sharp or rough objects to wipe the shower room. 10, shower room had better avoid and benzene class, contact strong organic solvent such as paint, paint cleaners, or it will cause a shower room surface softening phenomenon, dissolve the harm such as product quality. 11 also contains the effect of corrosion, household cleanser, so much more if you use would also reduce the smoothness of shower room glass, so clean at ordinary times had better not use household cleanser. 12, the use of sealing silicone, don't apply on the surface of acrylic sanitary ware. If not carefully painted on a little, do not rush to wipe, should be gently lifted his slowly after curing, don't scratch with good thing oh, or it will destroy the surface. Chassis after installation, should be in silica gel solidified completely before use.
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