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Do bath after joining stores business? Because of you the 12 mistakes!

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-23

joining trader business is not good, many employees are justified to responsibility, to product! , of course, I can't say the product is not entirely factors that affect performance, however, the responsibility of the terminal sales staff is the premise of without changing the product to improve sales. If you agree with this, then you do not pass the buck, but and I discuss this question: goods remains the same, how to make the sales increase 50 & amp; Look this is a very difficult thing. Actually very simple, but now, the solution.

 ( 1) To increase our old customer to lead 10 & amp; , it should be easy to do things; ( 2) To increase the number of new customers to 10 & amp; , it should be easy to do things; ( 3) The number of customers to buy our products improve 10 & amp; , it should be easy to do things; ( 4) To improve customer purchase frequency by 10 & amp; , it should be easy to do things; ( 5) To improve efficiency under the premise of increased sales staff 10 & amp; , it is not difficult to do things. If we can do it at the same time the above five things, easy to sales can increase 50 & amp; ! Joining the terminal shops have wasted a lot of sanitary ware of sales opportunities, simply because sales staff didn't get proper management and simple training. Sales people often make the following 12 simple mistake, but this is a correction can be through training and management: 1. Do not know their own products. Don't know my product sales is incompetent. Don't give strict product training so the manager is incompetent managers. 2. Don't listen to the customers, to sell products. Please remember this famous saying: & other; Sell a customer what they want, than let him buy you some things easier & throughout; 。 3. Not good at & other; Throughout the sales & upward; 。

 A man to buy a hook, can you sell him a fishing boat? If he can't sell a fishing boat, can you sell him a fishing rod? Most of the time, to sell your products sell better than cheap, of course also more value. 4. Have no confidence in myself. Almost no customers like sales people understand their own products, businesses and industries. In most cases the customer has no sales staff to learn more about his own requirements. A person have no confidence, because they don't. 5. Don't understand the main points of the marketing. Point is to let customers know your product, understand its benefits, trust you, reassure customers, require customers to make a decision. 6. Just make an effort to give up. This is the most stupid. 4 - for sales success 11 the customer contact, before this give up, be wasted. 7. Although many efforts, but in the same way every time. The result is, of course, make customers. Close to the customer in another way, can greatly improve the probability of success. 8. Not good at their own time.

 The time average distribution to all customers, and customers have a size weight. Sales of high sales staff is often not the largest number of customers, but who can seize the important customer. 9. Not every day to reflect their own practice. Every sales approach is life, good sales summary every day, every day to reflect, try a new tack. 10. Not good at learning from colleagues do well there. The same company doing good and bad, the store sales performance is usually 3 - The gap between six times. Have learned a few action from doing good, can keep the original of poor sales performance. 11. Performance and investment objectives. Sales affirmation could not do without goals. Be rejected for many people it is a painful thing, so the sales personnel must give yourself a day minimum inputs ( How much time and customer calls, communication, etc. ) , no input, no output. 12. Develop long-term relationships with customers. Just sell things to remember when a customer, in so doing, the customers don't ignore you are perfectly normal. Appollo has launched a strong marketing offensive, in the last two years the company from research and development, design, production, sales and service, can provide complete & other; One-stop & throughout; Efficient service. For each new store Appollo is the systematic training for the professional marketing management team, including corporate culture, into the shop, the five steps, forms the strict measures for the management, product selling, site installation and after-sales service, and practice training of storefront marketing has thirteen days of terminal stores management training work. At present, the market from the south in guangzhou as the center of the north all the way, sales network rapidly covers Beijing, chengdu, hangzhou, nanjing, jinan, fuzhou, major cities in hebei xingtai, brand image and market share rapidly improve.

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