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Do you want to do wet partition between wei yu see sanitary ware manufacturer how to say

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-09
Experienced decorate people encountered such a problem, what do you want to install shower room between wei yu to do wet depart? Dry wet depart generally refers to the toilet in the dry area apart from the wet area. Now house prices rising, area of house only does not increase, assigned to the space between wei yu is smaller.

the advantages of the dry wet depart

no dry wet depart between the wei yu that ground general in the wet state for a long time, home has a old man, children pay particular attention to prevent slippery. And wet easy to cause short circuit failure to electrical appliances, so keep the shower area dry outside of space, not only solve the problem of clean health, more can be used by security between sanitary ware.

moisture for a long time down between wei yu, will not only corrosion of bathroom furniture, and bacteria can develop. If toilet and shower area not far distance, in use is inconvenient, reduce the efficiency of the toilet. Install the stainless steel shower room, can not hold up the other family members to use the toilet and the pool that wash a face, especially for only one family between wei yu.

does not affect the light stainless steel shower room

if you worry about the ground water of shower room, to be a ground slope, and let the water flow to the floor drain automatically, or install the water faster strip floor drain, in addition to article also can be installed waterproof achieve the same purpose.

but in the use of stainless steel shower room must be noticed when do partition:

1, shower room width:

1) At least in the body when using free rotation. Is 900 mm * 900 mm.

2) If the space allows, can do more 100 mm wide.

3) Don't recommend to do less than 800 mm * 800 mm shower room, not only the body will hit the glass door, and not easy to breathe freely.

2, shower room height: most of the 1800 mm to 2000 mm, can also according to the height of family members, to adjust the space according to the actual situation.

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