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Domestic shower room which brand is good? Shower room to choose strategy

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-26

Domestic shower room which brand is good? Shower room can have very good dry wet depart, improving household shower experience, by the vast number of consumers love, but the brand shower room so much on the market, make it difficult to choose. Domestic shower room which brand is good? Here, the appollo sanitary ware is to introduce the strategies of choose and buy of shower room. 1, glass domestic shower room which brand is good? Glass is related to the safety of the use of the big brands use shower room glass are using thicker full toughened glass, shower room, such as appollo thickness 8 mm, level car full toughened glass, through the national 3 c certification, broken after the obtuse Angle, not cause injuries. Domestic shower room frame 2, profiles commonly used hardware including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, including stainless steel in corrosion resistance are better than that of aluminum alloy, beautiful, of course the price is more expensive than aluminum alloy. Generally speaking, domestic shower room which brand is good? Advised to choose a stainless steel frame. 3, the pulley block is the key of the push-pull shower room, only a reasonable structure and good material pulley, can guarantee the service life of products. Throughout the attention of house of bath of appollo pulley and the perfect combination of orbit, all the stress of the roller adopt import stainless steel sealed bearing plastic bags, not easy to wear and tear, phantom, small gap to shake. 4, strip strip seal effect, appollo strip used in shower room widen to reinforce design, mainly displays in the suction is good, the surface is not easy to aging yellowing, color, etc. , hardy not cracked, flexibility is strong, long service life, excellent article radiance can realize each shower room and leakage of waterproof wall or a door, thoroughly realize the dry wet depart 5, groundmass file water effect the groundmass of shower room, inferior groundmass extrusion deformation, long period of time in bath room tilt even fall off. appollo matrix used in shower room has a strong anti-corrosion, color can be customized. In addition, most of the shower room is customized, so domestic shower room which brand is good? In addition to the quality, the custom of the factory capacity is the key. In order to strengthen the research and design of shower room to meet growing market demand, the appollo sanitary ware will originally belonging to the hardware division of shower room products, starting in 2017 established the shower room division alone, introduced a new shower room, by the love of consumers. Domestic shower room which brand is good? If you are looking for brand manufacturers shower room, online message, we provide you with detailed product information. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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