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During decorating, how to choose the simple and easy to open the door and sliding door series shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
For many families, shower room, no doubt, is god created things. Either layout between wei yu, will always find an exclusive shower room, it to shower experience convey a mood, life style, and its biggest characteristic is that the function of dry wet depart. Shower room is divided into sliding door and swing doors, shower room according to the actual situation such as different family and hobby to undertake choosing, the effect will be better, so what both have their respective advantages? 1, sliding door crane rail and rail, so if it is to choose the crane rail, so have to carefully consider the bearing capacity of crane rail. Because the crane rail bearing requirements a lot higher than to the rail, so be careful to check on the hardware fittings. Shower room are generally choose to install rail, but the rail track is installed on the ground, where work is to clean will be impeded. 2, from the space area, if the toilet with larger area, so here it is recommended to use flat open; Toilet area is lesser use sliding door is a good choice. Flat to open the door in the toilet of large area is not affected, first of all, don't worry about running out of space, crane rail load-bearing capacity, worry about walk trip there may be problems, compared with the sliding door, shower room flat open shower room is the space enough users a good choice. 3, in conditions allow, or flat open more good choice, one of the most important reasons: the old man and the child's family is very easy to stumble. In addition to considering practicability, security is essential. Family members with the elderly and the children the more it is recommended to use swing doors, shower room from a different Angle, can avoid some accidents, reduce the possibility of injury.
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