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For many years to decorate Lao shifu told me: 10 times with constant temperature bath shower comfortable!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-30
End of a day of busy work, after work crowded subway kind like sardines, returned home already tired as a dog. This time, there is nothing more than a comfortable bath can soothe our tired bodies. However, not every time can follow the 'bath'! Did you familiar with this scene, flower is aspersed blows hot and cold water, in a short while cold goose bumps, a very hot tutter to stick, that call a acid bright! Especially when bathing in the winter, if the flower is aspersed blows hot and cold water in the home, it is easy to be popping cold water poured into a cold.

children's shoes, don't you know that this world there is such a thing called thermostatic shower? Well, today's class to begin the sanitary ware that Appollo, look at the blackboard, write good notes.

a, what is a thermostatic showers

thermostatic showers or constant temperature water the flower is aspersed, it is automatically by the built-in high precision temperature sensor perception of hot and cold water temperature and pressure, and according to the set temperature fast automatic mixing of hot and cold water proportion, in order to reach the set temperature and constant temperature of the water. Example: set 38 ℃, flower is aspersed can be a constant in 38 ℃ constant temperature water, and water temperature changes by water pressure, not hot and cold, don't need to adjust again and again.

2, what is the principle of thermostatic shower

at present there are two main types of temperature adjustment, respectively, using different principle of thermostatic valve core

1, paraffin wax temperature components ( 蜡元素) Valve core

paraffin thermal component works to high concentrations of special wax pouring into a tiny copper container, the container cover a piece of rubber sensor chip. Due to the changes of water temperature, paraffin wax with increased volume shrinkage of the container, and then the sensing chip to drive through the container port springs forces the pistons to adjust the mixing proportion of the hot and cold water.

2, shape memory alloy ( Shape Memory Alloys SMA) Spring

SMA thermostatic valve core of the important parts of shape memory alloy springs, of nickel and titanium, Ni- Ti) Alloy made of shape memory alloy spring by the temperature of mixing with warm water after changing the shape of itself, and to push the piston to adjust the mixing proportion of the hot and cold water. SMA thermostatic valve core reaction speed, near 40 ℃, the reaction is extremely sensitive and can meet the needs of the users of stepless fine-tuning.

thermostatic shower head inside of the outlet of mixer has a temperature sensor, as a result of the change of water temperature thermal element expansion or contraction in the form of continuous adjusting the proportion of hot and cold water into the water, to keep the water temperature in the setting temperature, not affected by the change in the hot water temperature, water consumption or increase or decrease the influence of hydraulic pressure change.

3, the wei yu that Appollo thermostatic shower feature

1, the automatic constant temperature

constant mix water valve has the function of automatic constant temperature of the water temperature according to the actual need for setting, water can quickly reach and automatic constant temperature, not affected by hot and cold water inlet pressure, temperature or the changes in the flow, so as to solve the bath water temperature in the process of hot and cold. When hot and cold water inlet pressure, temperature or out of the water flow changes, the water temperature changes within the plus or minus 2 ℃.

2, anti-scald, cold shock,

constant mix water valve has anti-scald and cold shock proof function, in the process of bathing, when cold water suddenly, constant mix water valve can be in a few seconds automatically shut off the hot water, anti-scald safety protection effect; When hot water suddenly, constant mix water valve can be in a few seconds automatically shut off the cold water, cold shock prevention safety protection effect.

3, high temperature resistant

constant mix water valve of the internal components are high temperature resistant material, can work normally under the high temperature of 100 ℃.

4, one-way check valve

constant mix water valve with one-way check valve, to prevent the hot and cold water inlet pressure is inconsistent, hot and cold water mix.

5, bring their own filter

constant mix water valve cabin filter, in order to prevent debris into the valve body and affect the normal work of the constant mix water valve.

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