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Formaldehyde, how to choose the bathroom ark of health?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-24

Recently, decorate in household in, the formaldehyde pollution problem is becoming more and more serious. Earlier this year, the media has reported that the actress xu formaldehyde poisoning of non-hodgkin's lymphoma death news, because the finished less than three months of bridal chamber, led to the formaldehyde poisoning non-hodgkin's lymphoma. 

 The tragedy of xu, formaldehyde harm is not the first, decorate the damage to human body formaldehyde has been around forever, but also emerge in endlessly in recent years. In May 2016, net jilin suspected new construction at a school desk and chair with formaldehyde, caused the student collective formaldehyde poisoning. Also has the survey found that 90 & amp; Half a year of childhood leukemia patients are decorated in the home. According to the authorities detection, wooden decoration products ( Mainly comes from glue) Is the formaldehyde release & other; Responsible for & throughout; 。 But with woodiness material, are going to have to say the product that defend bath in the bathroom ark. In contemporary household life, bathroom cabinet has become an indispensable product. While the design style is differ, but the bathroom ark products with wood as the main material is the trend of The Times.

 And we have learned, the timber of the bathroom ark used on the market at present basically has oak, solid wood, multi-layer solid wood. Owing to the abuse of inferior glue in the wood processing industry, bathroom cabinet products has become a formaldehyde & other Other & throughout; One of the. In addition, the bathroom ark of coatings is also likely to be the stranger for formaldehyde, lenovo to formaldehyde may cause harm to the family, whether you to the bathroom ark of a smell? In fact, we don't use biased. Isolate is not desirable, reliable safety of bathroom ark need to know there is some products. So, how to optimize the choice ark of bathroom of a family not torment is the problem we need to care about! It is understood that in today's bathroom cabinet industry, bathroom cabinet manufacturers mostly based on multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark body material. Is given priority to with multi-layer solid wood materials, will inevitably use to glue, and inferior glue is formaldehyde of hot springs. Today's bathroom ark brand is various, the grade is lower when choosing materials supplier of a less known and inferior brand, more is to consider the cost factor, not health factors. 

 As a result, the materials content of formaldehyde in nature also can't control. So, it is the emergence of a & other; ” : buy bathroom cabinet, still have to buy materials and reliable brand bathroom ark. As to create high-end whole wei yu of Apollo, to provide users with safe environmental protection of bathroom ark product has become the pursuit of the Apollo. Since founded in 1996, the company always adhere to the green environmental protection product development philosophy. With the concept of practice and batch outstanding product, Apollo at home and abroad has become a number of famous furniture brand suppliers of cooperation, the quality of establishing a good reputation around the world. And in effect, the Apollo is in the bathroom ark of great quality security effort. 

 According to insiders Apollo, Apollo high-end whole sanitary ware the selected import high quality plate meet the environmental standards E1 class above, can be directly used for indoor use, let the customer safety. So, what is called E1 quality plate? According to relevant documents and materials science, to the problem of plank formaldehyde introduced mandatory national standards have several grades, E0 level used no aldehyde adhesive technology, formaldehyde release a quantity to less than 0. 5 mg/L, can be safely used anywhere; E1 formaldehyde release a quantity to less than 1. 5 mg/L, can be directly used in indoor; E2 levels of formaldehyde release a quantity to less than 5 mg/L, generally only for outdoor use, indoor use must be closed processing; The Ex level formaldehyde release a quantity greater than 5 mg/L, indoor use. Among them, get the E0, E1 is no harm to human body in the environmental protection building materials & ndash; 

 — And this is precisely the Apollo chooses the board level. As the development and production for more than 10 years of bathroom ark of Apollo, adhere to the choice of environmental protection board is the primary factor in the bathroom cabinet products. Apollo knew, only on the premise of ensure the security of user's body, can produce the bathroom cabinet products by consumers love. In recent years, the Apollo with painstaking cultivation of bathroom cabinet products, in the terminal market of the gratifying achievements. In recent years, according to the Apollo website data, Apollo in the overall market economy environment, such as the dark horse transit generally open its soil, performance has been 400 & amp;

 The pace of growth. Today, Apollo with quality has won consistent preference of distributor partners and consumers. Overrun in formaldehyde today, household products, especially the bathroom ark indeed worthy of choose and buy. Brand awareness, the importance of ehs need to polish eyes carefully selected consumers. It is worth mentioning that the Apollo in addition to strictly control in the bathroom ark of plank material, also in other products also has poured into the love of consumers. From after 1280 degrees high temperature firing of ceramic, to meet the national drinking water standard of copper faucet, all adopt the automotive grade tempered safety glass shower room, Apollo has been committed to household health full escort for the user, with reliable quality allows consumers to rest assured choice. Want to learn more about Apollo contents that defend bath, open the Apollo's official website
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