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From the 2019 CPPCC sanitary ware industry development prospects and development trends

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-29

2019 sanitary ware industry development prospects? What are the development trend will be? For sanitary ware industry how to walk a lot of people are concerned about. Coincided with two meetings on March 3, 2019 officially kicked off, or we can from two government report, interpret the development prospect and development trend about sanitary ware industry. 2019 sanitary ware industry trends: the rise of urban and rural markets that defend bath as improve sex just need consumer goods, affected by domestic consumption. The so-called improved type, is under the condition of high disposable income, people can have a better choice, but just need to every family must be. Two sessions in 2019, the government work report pointed out that 'promote the formation of a strong domestic market, sustained release domestic demand potential', in which special emphasis on 'step to promote urban and rural residents' income, enhance consumption ability. 'This shows, the consumption between urban and rural areas in China will further improve, this will also become a new growth point of the sanitary ware industry in our country. Throughout the performance of the sanitary ware industry in urban and rural market in China in the past more than give priority to with low-end products, sanitary ware supporting simple, meet the basic functional requirements. With the further enhance the income of urban and rural residents, urban and rural residents of consumer demand for sanitary ware will also from price type to quality type, brand consumption change. In the future, the market at the county level, and even developed rural market, there will be more high-end sanitary ware brand. Appollo, for example, the first high-end integral sanitary ware that in Beijing, jinan, nanjing, hangzhou, chengdu, xiamen, wuhan, xi 'an, kunming, and other key a second-tier cities set up sales branch and retail stores, relying on the brand influence of radiation throughout the country, channel sink has made significant achievements in recent years. According to the latest release of the 2018 dealers in China ceramic sanitary ware industry big data research report shows that through more than 50 cities in China for further investigation, interviews with a large number of dealers, get ready company, building materials, household market data, wrigley, heng jie, nine animal husbandry, Appollo brand in a secondary market for high-end sanitary ware and three or four line market, have higher brand contact ratio. Here said the brand of coincidence degree, reflected the coverage and the comprehensive influence of the brand. 2019 sanitary ware industry development trend: the new retail more mature 2019 CPPCC another important signals released by the government work report is Internet +, according to the report, 'Internet platform building industry, expand the' smart + ', for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing can assign. 'In the development of new pattern of consumption of new forms, promote the development of online consumer fusion, with particular emphasis on the' improve the rural circulation network, support the development of the electricity and Courier. 'This means that the Internet will get rapid development in the rural areas. Penguin, a think-tank, published 2019 - 2020 Internet sixteen trend also shows that China's mobile Internet dividends are migrating to new site, five lines and the city, including rural areas, is a new hot Internet. The sanitary ware industry to implement new retail plays an important role in promoting. Appollo sanitary ware since entering Tmall began in 2011, so far has walked in on new retail industry, the most obvious characteristic, is to make full use of the Internet platform advantage and traffic entrance, as the terminal entity shop would assign, so as to realize the integration of online. As the sinking of the stores, solve delivery installation and after-sales services, new retail will be enormous growth space that defend bath. That is about 2019 sanitary ware industry development prospects and the development trend analysis, if you're ready to enter the sanitary ware industry, online leave a message or phone consultation, Appollo sanitary ware the analysis of the investment manager to offer you one on one set to join investment programs. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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