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From the source to eradicate the odor between wei yu, 3 big way you worthy of your collection!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-08
Some friends between sanitary ware,

even if very clean clean,

but can still smell a smell,

the odor will not only destroy the mood that occupy the home,

can let host more when have guests.

odor source mainly has the following three between wei yu.

let below small make up together and see it!

a, bathroom floor drain the

floor drain are small, but significant role. Good floor drain needs to be returned to the water, insects, jams, deodorization and other functions. One of deodorization function should be the most critical functions. At the time of installation of floor drain, if you choose the deodorization function weaker floor drain, between wei yu in odor is understandable.

floor drain after installation, it may cause because there is no a good maintenance floor drain deodorization function failure. Such as water seal floor drain for a long time without use, water dry up.


advised to choose a big brand against the stench, floor drain. ( Appollo wei yu won't appear this kind of circumstance, for example) After installation of floor drain, whether need to regularly check the performance of the floor drain is good, if there is a problem need to be replaced in a timely manner.

2, toilet smell

looking for odor source between wei yu, if out of the floor drain, then the key suspect object is the toilet. Toilet in the cause of the peculiar smell is more, the following look at together.

displacement of toilet water slowly

a lot of families are decorating, for layout, size and so on various aspects reason, changes to the installation position of the toilet, in the toilet is not directly to the drains, water too slow, easy accumulation of sundry, it is easy to appear the phenomenon.


the most fundamental solution is to move the toilet location back to the original drains, but doing so usually larger quantities. The method is more convenient, change toilet deodorization effect better. ( Or recommend Appollo wei yu)

3, toilet and pipe joints sealing lax

toilet, if toilet of flange and pipe, untight seal part cause bad smell emanate from the gap, it is also easy to the cause of the peculiar smell that defend bath.


in the toilet when installation, gaps and pipe connection must hit the glass glue. Usually can use 2 - glass glue After three years, for prudent, can cross off each year with a knife to the original glass glue, glue again.

4, toilet water seal is not up to standard

the so-called water seal, refers to the water inside the toilet, water can have the effect of blocking odor on return, the size of the water level to determine the ability of the toilet block odor. The provisions of the state of toilet water seal an altitude of no less than 50 mm, if the height of the toilet water seal does not meet this standard, may appear return flavour.


toilet water seal height of choose and buy must reach the standards prescribed by the state, but the higher the water seal height while against the stench, the better the results, but with higher water, are more prone to splash water problems. So when the toilet of choose and buy, had better choose water seal height in 55 - 60 mm product.

floor drain smell and the toilet is between wei yu's two main sources, in addition, pipe sealing processing problem, also is the main factor that cause odor between wei yu.

5, the pipe joint untight seal

basin drain and sewer in the connection of a lot of other peoples, often do not have to take some seal return flavour prevention measures, so it is easy to lead to a peculiar smell between wei yu.


can please people use glass glue or other adhesive will block the cracks in the joints, the gas can't send out. Trap or using belt sewer pipe, bringing deodorization effect.

odor outlet and six flow backward

if cleared bathroom odor source has not been seen elsewhere, but still have peculiar smell, bathroom vents away odor is likely to come from.


you can find someone to the outlet pipe repair, moreover can be replaced with a check valve on the ventilator, which can prevent bad breath flow backward.

7, pipe stuck

if you don't pay attention to the sink, sink, the tub and floor drain port of clean, make the dirt adhere to for a long time in port, port or pipe pollution and congestion, also can make bath sends out a peculiar smell. Solutions

remove drain the dirt is simpler, but attached to the wall to remove dirt is not so easy. Now each big building materials supermarket sales pipeline cleaner to dissolve dirt has certain corrosion effect, can have very good cleaning effect.
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