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Frosty toilet is a quality problem? Experts give the answer. 。 。 。 。 。

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-24
In the north due to the end of winter air temperature, often will encounter freezing frost crack the toilet at home. As a result, many consumers will ask frosty toilet is quality problem? For the toilet now will appear because of the weather reason burst, the expert inside course of study points out, sit lavatory closestool cistern or chassis craze or consolidation piece fell off, may be related to environmental factors. Too cold in winter, for example, indoor temperature is below zero, toilet water tank to store water freezes, the volume of ice water tank could swell to. If the owner without the toilet for a long time, long, water flow in a water tank, ice is easy to cause water tank cracking.

'with district 150 sets of toilet cracking manufacturers according to the quality problem,'

before news reported: 'with district 150 sets of toilet cracking manufacturers according to the quality problem, the fired. A village is located in chongqing district, more than 150 households have found their toilet cracks. Some water tank is broken, and some base is broken, and what's more is the base of the shell off the next chunk. In such cases the owner must be very sad, want to good toilet how can appear this kind of situation, must be the quality problem. So, all sorts of sampling inspection, ah, ah complaints, store on the surface. 。 。 Anyway, don't lose money. Inspectors sampling inspection results showed that: as the districts and counties of chongqing, located in the area is cold in the winter, coupled with the holiday village houses in winter uninhabited for a long time, long time inside the toilet water easy to cause the ice, let toilet frost crack, and the quality of the toilet has nothing to do.

the owner heard the results, 'don't do it, why I live frugally, spent most hard, just decorate good toilet, how come into this appearance! Still have to find a store '.

frosty today let's look at the toilet is the quality problem? And how to prevent frost crack toilet?

experts: detection standards not directly associated with the toilet 'antifreeze' data generated

on closestool of frost crack, foshan entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau ceramics, ceramic test marketing director of key laboratory of ya-min liu, he said, the current domestic and foreign standards for toilet detection system, there is no 'antifreeze' index requirements. , he says, the current domestic use of sanitary ware in the testing standards, main component function of toilet, water consumption, compression ratio, hardness, water absorption, glaze cracking resistance, etc, have clear indicators requirements, but did not specify a toilet in these standards 'winter'. Among them, the pressure degree of toilet is the size of the toilet can withstand the people down the strength of the; Glaze cracking resistance refers to the toilet of glaze glaze in a certain environment reach a certain cracks; And toilet hardness testing is mainly from the aspects of toilet water absorption, if the toilet in the process of firing porcelain high mineralization degree, bibulous rate is low, the hardness is relatively high, if in the process of firing TaoHua degree is higher, the hardness is lower. But ya-min liu said this a few standard can be associated directly with the toilet 'antifreeze' indicators.

winter toilet maintenance tips

actually, in winter toilet and maintenance, the following a few small coup can solve the trouble of frost crack:

1, in the winter, to prevent due to ice, in the toilet, please don't put water left. Put the methods and steps are as follows: close the inlet valve and unscrew after remove drainage bolt, remnant water is put after drainage bolt tightening, otherwise it will cause leakage. Toilet defection curves will have water, available sponge cloth, pump sucked out water, so as to avoid the toilet without freezing frost crack for a long time.

2, in addition to the drainage, pour into antifreeze in the tank, or against the alcohol, salt in the water, can reduce the freezing point of water, also can effectively prevent frostbite.

3, if has put all of the electric heater in low temperature operation, especially in the toilet open the heating system, and can make toilet not under the condition of freezing, can need not add antifreeze in the toilet.

the toilet use maintenance tips:

1, if use warm water flushing the toilet, the water temperature control in 1 ℃ - 45 ℃, the water of overheat do not pour into the toilet, so as to avoid the cracking.

2, can not to the toilet into newsprint, paper urine pad easily blocked items, etc.

3, jams, immediately with skin attractor ruled out.

4, to prevent breakage and leakage, don't hit ceramics, avoid against strike plate and seat.

5, please do not clean with steel brush and strong organic solution, so as not to damage the product glaze, corrosion pipeline.

6, to keep the toilet clean, strong water is normal, please use the brush and soap water or neutral detergent cleaning pipeline and hole and at least every week to clean.

7, please clean the filter, at least once a month to prevent water tank water slow or not water and affect the normal use.

tanks in 8, do not use chlorine cleaners, otherwise it may destroy the tank of the device, so as to cause leakage or damage to building structure.
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