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He innovated color and smell - The new bathroom cabinet

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-02
Net, Appollo sanitary ware, enjoy a comfortable life

from pure material demand. To high quality and comfortable life, the pursuit of people's life more and more higher, especially the young people more hope products are endowed with 'fashion', 'art', 'practical' multiple rings. Based on the needs of the consumers of evolution, through multi-channel technology innovation, the wei yu that Appollo with scientific design, low carbon environmental protection concept, build a new generation of intelligent, environmental protection, healthy product that defend bath.

2, Appollo sanitary ware design concept

the space collocation and coordination, colour is measurable to visual easy of the sanitary material, is paid attention to when designers in the design of the product defending bath of Appollo design points. Bathroom products bathroom style depends on the use of the line, the space to achieve clean neat effect. As consumers pay more and more attention to the quality that occupy the home, the space that defend bath to relax the body, to precipitate the role of the mind. The unique life decorative household life ideal space that defend bath, give life sense of ritual.

1, the depth resolution of life

Appollo new bathroom ark gene inheritance young fashion, the wei yu that has let a person shine at the moment not only visual touches, but also expressed the depth of the art of life. Full of aesthetic feeling of concise line, without any time limit, nor to follow a trend, reveal a confident leader temperament. The outline of the every detail, is as beautiful as flowing, let people's joy, to achieve desirable life.

2, contracted and the atmosphere as tie-in

material is the mirror of the performance of inspiration, attack-minded is artistic texture. Appollo new bathroom ark the wei yu that unique design concept and the creation of aesthetics, and Chinese and western, boehner ancient and modern, sure to color in the light of cultural poetics, the ornament of details and coating process and elegant chic, dimly discernible finely the taste of sunshine is between the paint conviction, relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese modern expression, there is no overall structure, simple atmosphere, along with the gender gap is tie-in.

3, intelligent light delicate beautiful

Appollo defending bath of the nods eyeball pen of the new bathroom cabinet, cabinet put oneself in another's position is at the top of the line, is like a delicate and beautiful Tibetan lamp, make whole bathroom ark dynamic vigor, make the bathroom as brightness, bring extraordinary life art experience. And line color collocation is perfect, and bath lens induction built-in leds. Along the light mirror frame design, and the overall bathroom ark the same line, in addition to meet the high-definition makeup, beauty, mirror light brings elegance, romantic and fashionable color experience, all show high atmosphere. The design of intelligent inductive, avoid contact with the hand, brought about by the human happiness arises spontaneously.

4, strictly selected plate seiko fine cut

has been Appollo wei yu to extremely stringent quality standards and by the people to pursue honors. Selection of the board of bathroom ark is a natural oak for raw materials, after dealing with the slice regimen, repass cross bonding, successively after more than 100 steps. Multi-layer solid wood, the advantages of both kept the quality of real wood, and overcome the shortcomings of real wood is easy to crack, more suitable for the north and south climate differences, and use a variety of conditions.

the new bathroom cabinet equipped with art on the stage basin, is after 1280 degrees high temperature firing of ceramic POTS, pure white and flawless, as well as water retaining edge details such as humanized design.

the new bathroom cabinet, the sanitary ware that Appollo level and strength in appearance, from quality to taste, innovated color color, natural color, make whole space more spiritual and lasting appeal, to meet the higher pursuit of people's life.
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