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Health life how to caress a fart fart?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
A lot of people because of my job

by seven or eight hours a day

in the long run the

there will be some diseases come

hemorrhoids, dry skin and fat. 。 。

then we should avoid and maintain our fart fart?

with Appollo see

a, develop good bowel habits

meaning is very valuable, sometimes delay because of all sorts of things for a moment, then disappeared. So for a long time, it is easy to cause stool stem node even constipation. When we feel the meaning is, should go to the toilet as soon as possible, it is best to get into the habit of regular bowel movements. A glass of water after get up every morning, can improve our bowel movement speed.

2, toilet time cannot too long

when we go to the toilet, the position of the anus become low, pressure on the bigger, the anus in vascular congestion often time, greatly increases the risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. Therefore, every time we go to the toilet time had better not more than five minutes, if 5 minutes to pull out, had better leave, wait to have it again after defecate.

3, avoid sedentary

the majority of people have a very bad living habits, it is sedentary, especially in the office work in the workplace, this may be because depends on the nature of work, but sitting for a long time can make your coxal muscle relaxation, and bigger, become warped again to sit the hips will be out of shape. Want to keep good body to pay attention to this.

4 and do more exercise

want to fart fart tight keep boo, we will do more exercise. But as one form movement that regular levelled up the anus, similar to endure shit feeling, then relax, mention a cycle. One form movement to the advancement of pubic venous blood backflow, pelvic floor muscle exercise, can effectively prevent the happening of the piles.

one form movement in sit, lie down and stand up.

method is as follows:

1. Breathe in and tucked up the anus, hold your breath and keep the anus 2 ~ 3 seconds;

2. Breathe out 2 ~ 3 seconds, then relax and repeat the above actions;

3. 2 ~ 3 times a day, each time under 15 or so.

to avoid rush in the exercise, in order to feel comfortable advisable, persistence is the key.
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