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Heard that, between wei yu style can reveal your life

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-05
Mention between wei yu, what will you think of?

there is an old movie: see a person is in love, between the wei yu that just by looking at his home to know - — If there is a flower, ancient long shui, fashionable manual and clean and bright big spectacles, you can be roughly infer that he is falling in love. Because to a person, the space that defend bath is last bottom line of psychological, it is the most real, the most honest, most without block.

the psychologists also pointed out that: between wei yu not only secretly 'exposure' our mood, also verify our attitude towards life. Actually very easy to find:

❶ outside put Ming yan's people, between the wei yu that they style is fashionable avant-courier;

❷ mature inside collect, between the sanitary ware that TA the style is classic and contracted;

❸ those who love life loving family, between the wei yu that they are clean, elegant, don't lose to the living room.

how beautiful spring

home how beautiful is the

how much focus on

between wei yu is the more exquisite

between wei yu is bearing the host of the aesthetic of household, care for family, big to decorate a style, small to ceramic tile, bathing necessity, every detail is recounting of his taste and style, moistens bathers body and mind. In this a vibrant season, there is nothing between wei yu is decorated into their favorite look more happy!

for bathers caress of body and mind, between wei yu is itself also cannot leave the care between wei yu. Due to the particularity of the environment between wei yu, wet and slippery, cleaning and other issues, so it's very important to the dry wet depart between bath. If you want to keep the space that defend bath is always clean, the choice of shower room is necessary. Clever together is the embodiment of the aesthetic master. To create a happy sweet atmosphere in the home, to choose the bathroom ark style and colour collocation between wei yu became the topic can not be ignored.

high style between the wei yu that cannot leave the high quality of implement, as well as traditional keeping in good health, pay attention to listening, asking and, site selection of toilet is very exquisite. Selected high quality toilet tip:

❶ hand slowly up the toilet, toilet, the more the better the quality, general good toilet in more than 30 kg weight;

❷ water is the soul of the toilet, so water a choice is very important also, Appollo are choose wei the wei yu that inferior level implement water;

❸ good quality toilet the glaze should be smooth, no AoTuGan, color saturation, glaze, nano glaze than ordinary glaze is more outstanding, more do not hang dirty easily. Another pipeline wall glazing toilet, all of them, and more difficult to hang dirty, blowdown more quickly.

private bathroom attribute

but can also have great pattern

high style between the sanitary ware that let a person cannot ignore its power to cure the


love family

since have it!
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