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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
House to decorate, now most people home toilet are custom shower room, shower room, relatively than bath shade to use, but also appeared a lot of glass shower room burst of the attack, so the choose and buy of shower room, still have to spend bit of idea, to choose a practical shower room, today is to teach you how to choose shower room, some details are very important. Shower room of choose and buy, need to pay attention to these four aspects, shower room, glass shower room priority is the safety of choose and buy, the security is mainly reflected on the glass of shower room, on the choice of shower room, in order to guarantee the safety of using must fully tempered glass of choose and buy, look for the 3 c certification marks on the glass. If you still worry about glass is toughened glass, you can try this two kinds of methods to identify, I teach you two methods: 1, 3 c label is doesn't scrape off with a knife. 2, use the hammer to hit stores in the small kind of glass, if bad into granular is true, otherwise is false. 3, on the receipt or contract, companies to indicate the toughened glass, write clearly in black and white. Two shower room, shower room profiles profiles generally is aluminium alloy, aluminum price is cheaper, and some of the high-end shower room profiles will select stainless steel or copper, look more atmosphere and beautiful appearance, but the price is more expensive, so this can choose according to your budget. , no matter you choose which kind of material should pay attention to the thickness of the material, the thickness of the general profile has a 2 mm - 4. 5 mm thick, more thick prices more expensive, but a bit light now popular style, also don't have to choose 4. 5 mm thickness of the material. Three, fitting a good shower room, shower room, besides should consider safety glass also consider accessories, shower room fittings mainly pulley, gaskets, hinges, handles, etc. 1, the pulley block is more copper, carbon steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel bearings, which had better choose 304 stainless steel pulley. 2, strip a lot of people to choose shower room are easy to ignore the strip and strip actually is also important to strip the main function is to protect the glass, glass to prevent collision explosive and waterproof effect. If it is bad strip, time grew, hair yellow even fall off easily. Strip when the choose and buy, therefore, to feel the toughness of strip, and look at the permeability of the strip surface, look at the color, if almost strip elastic is not so good, stiff to the touch. 3, hinge hinge of shower room should choose the one of the hinges, don't choose that kind of broken hinge, that kind of broken hinge sealing is not so good. Hinge is the function of bearing, usually of a normal use are implemented by hinges, so the hinge material must be very hard. It is well known that stainless steel hardness st13 copper st13 of aluminum alloy. So the hinge it is better to use 304 stainless steel material will become more durable and safe. 4, handle the handle of shower room had better not too abrupt, especially with the elderly, children in the home, shower in the handle of the edges and corners is too trenchant crashed into the vulnerable. So it is better to choose smooth appearance, switch conveniently and easily. Shower room still has a lot of small parts, not mention here, you go to the choose and buy when, want to do their homework more, run several more, guide to tell you, so you will understand more about the shower room. Always follow the shower room shower space provides the high quality for the consumer, the product quality as the vitality of the brand and the core of enterprise development key, as one of China's top ten brand shower room of shower room manufacturers, with the high quality shower house price and service for the user to create a comfortable and convenient life.
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