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High-end integrated bathroom bathroom ark custom pretend to pretend bility

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-27

There is a high pretend bility, called private custom. The advent of the era of customization, the custom make toilet more and more popularity. Especially for villas, luxury, custom is the basic standard; And a few small area of irregular space that defend bath, non-standard custom can more reasonable use a space, using small space is large. Custom bathroom ark, test is not only the enterprise's production ability, also requires enterprises have very good order process management, to ensure that orders from customers, design, production, delivery, installation, each link to be smooth and orderly, to ensure that the interests of consumers. In recent years, the Appollo custom products accounted for the proportion of high-end integral wei yu that more and more high, many hotels, families are beginning to implement custom between sanitary ware, not only greatly increase the revenue of the dealers, also provides the consumers with higher quality bathroom experience. Appollo high-end integrated bathroom bathroom ark custom has the following four sorts of advantages: strong leading technology Appollo high-end whole wei yu has six production bases in the country, including a professional manufacturing base of bathroom ark, a tailor-made bathroom cabinet provides a powerful backing. Appollo with high standard, high quality, short delivery cycle, customized advantage, in custom bathroom ark industry leading position. Custom more choice is not only meet the non-standard size, more to meet the personalized needs of consumers. Appollo custom bathroom ark have 20 a variety of color optional, including paint process requirement, even small to metal shake handshandle, can be customized according to customer's requirements, truly meet the personalized requirements. Custom size precision if the custom can not be carried out in accordance with the customer's size, have larger deviation, then lost the meaning of the custom. Appollo bathroom ark in the customer data measurements are accurate, of course, the Appollo across stores can also be free on-site measurements for the customer, the custom can be accurate to mm. Green environmental protection green environmental protection material, has been the Appollo high-end whole wei yu product development philosophy. Whether it is conventional products or custom products, Appollo all choose environmental protection material, commitment to the health of the users create non-toxic quality. Below is the actual customer Appollo high-end integral sanitary ware that part of the family custom case case 1: the owner is opposite bigger, between the wei yu that need a large size will foil the bathroom ark, can more space atmosphere. By increasing size of bathroom ark, made full use of the whole metope, also let whole looks more coordination between wei yu, side ark also done adjust, don't take too large area, but also can rise the good adornment and receive a function. Case 2: this is a typical concave structure between wei yu, if choose ordinary bathroom ark, it is hard to have just good size, bathroom cabinet is too big pack, there is too small gaps not only space not to use, also can appear health dead Angle, increased the difficulty of cleaning and hygiene. After Appollo buy high-end whole wei yu of actual measurement, according to the actual size custom bathroom cabinet, toilet to solve the disadvantages of concave type, toilet instantly become tall, customers are very satisfied with. Case 3: this is an irregular small toilet. If only according to the size selection on the left side of the bathroom ark, can appear very stingy, and to the right will be more than a small concave type blind Angle. After Appollo guide professional advice, by custom bathroom ark extending to the right, make space more neat, increase the mesa practical area. Case 4: is also a small area wei yu, but the owner is very want to shower. In situations where you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, the bathroom ark had to move to the left, the bathroom ark custom parcel post, improves the practicability of bathroom ark, let whole space also neat and orderly. More than a few cases, your home is there something similar? If there are no are you satisfied with the bathroom ark, Appollo custom bathroom ark can meet the personalized requirements of you. If your irregular between wei yu, can't choose suitable bathroom ark, Appollo custom bathroom ark can give you a better solution. High pretend pretend bility between sanitary ware, starting from the custom to have a bathroom ark! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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