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High-end shower room maintenance tips, you should do this! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
High-end shower room become people choosing toilet adornment of a kind of popular, almost each family has a shower room, how to maintain also become one of the subject of much attention, because we all know that the correct maintenance method can prolong the service life of shower room, how to maintain? Few words said, see together! First is the maintenance of steel protective glass, do not use sharp objects strike or hit the glass surface, so as to avoid failure; Don't use water class that day corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface; Don't use coarse material wipe the glass surface, to avoid scratches. Once appear, the trace of crack or damage, must immediately inform after-sales service, and to give replacement and maintenance. Followed by aluminum alloy box maintenance, prevent sun point-blank with sunlight, cannot use corrosive liquid or rough material to wipe, can not use sharp objects to depict the surface. If the aluminum surface stains, wipe after washing clean dissolved in neutral water. Finally, hardware accessories and maintenance, pulley, slider in use should be paid attention to avoid collision force activities below the door, lest cause activities fall off the door; Pay attention to regularly clean slide rail, pulley, slider, filling lubricant; Regularly adjust the slider of the adjusting screw, to ensure the effect of the slider to the door of sliding bearing and good. When using the bathroom detergent should be used in accordance with the matters needing attention to correctly, incorrect use will cause certain influence to people, so for the sake of your family's health and safety must correct yo use detergent, high-end shower room is in need of your love!
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