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High-end shower room shower room first-line brand list, so choose

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-20

Shower room first-line brand list, is our shower room when the choose and buy a very good reference. As the toilet decorate exquisite dry wet depart, by the majority of families like shower room, shower room is becoming more and more high-end, has given rise to numerous first-line brand shower room at the same time. For a long time, toilet decorate toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower for 3 big. In recent years, dry wet depart gradually popular, shower room began to be popular. Shower room is a glimmer of brand rankings have whole wei yu brand such as wrigley, appollo, and there are many brand shower room, such as the ideal, instant. 

What is the difference between different brands of shower room, how do we choose high-end shower room? 

1, glass shower if homeowners by glass, profiles, hinges, pulleys, etc, play an important part of glass to constitute a shower room. Can shower room on the list of first-line brand enterprise, is to choose automobile toughened glass. After toughened glass impact resistance is strong, even if broken, also scrawled particles at an obtuse Angle, reduce the harm to human body. 

2, profile profile generally there are three kinds of shower room: stainless steel, aluminum, copper. Theory of prices, the cost of copper is the highest, also because of this, really with high quality brass 59 rarely on the market. In the first-line brand list, shower room stainless steel use most, less some aluminum quality. 

3, accessories: pulley, hinges, glass and profile decided to shower room safety and service life, and pulleys and hinge is related to experience. As the appollo shower room USES 304 stainless steel, resistant to pressure, corrosion resistance, heavy pulley and orbital cooperate closely, small aperture, it is not easy to fall off from external force hit, don't turn over the rail. 

4, collocation of shower room in addition to the quality, but also to the collocation with other sanitary wares, in this aspect, the whole wei yu brand will have more advantages. Such as the appollo in research and development, design, shower room and bathroom ark, flower is aspersed, such as whole sanitary ware supporting stronger, style is consistent, got more customers love and recognition.

 5, certification of shower room on the 3 c certification, China compulsory product certification, a line of shower room top firms typically have a, can see the 3 c mark on the glass. Above is to introduce the first-line brand shower room list, high-end shower room list. At present, the appollo sanitary ware, hundreds of stores, store the choose and buy more shower room to appollo. Looking for shower room to join in guangdong factory, online message, available details want to know more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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