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High-end whole sanitary ware the world earth day together with you practice environmental responsibility

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-12

On April 22, is the world earth day, this is a specially set up to protect the earth's environment. Since its launch in 1970, the world earth day has grown to 192 countries around the world, each year more than 1 billion people participate in the environmental action. With the development of economy, our earth environment is destroyed, global environmental problem more and more serious. 

 Protect earth's environment is no longer a country facing the problem, but the international community attention and need to solve problems together. The establishment of the world earth day, the purpose is to raise the public awareness of the existing environmental problems, and through the practice in actual life green, low carbon, improving the overall environment of the earth. Speaking of environmental protection, in our daily life, many people will naturally associate to economize on water. Practice green low-carbon lifestyle, largely related to sanitary ware, because water in the family in, there are 60 & amp; 

 The above is through sanitary ware consume. Under the call of the green environmental protection, the product that defend bath had gone from meet & other; Clean & throughout; “ Convenient & throughout; Function, gradually became green environmental protection, water saving and energy saving low carbon way of life. Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware think that, as a sanitary ware company, calls the global low carbon environmental protection, practice green environmental protection enterprise responsibility, should be embodied in the green environmental protection product quality; Products using water saving and energy saving; Energy conservation and emissions reduction product manufacturing process. The product quality of green environmental protection, is responsible for the consumer health and safety. as a direct contact with People's Daily supplies, green environmental protection, health and safety, is the first good quality sanitary ware enterprises. 

 Appollo relying on 18 years high-end integral sanitary ware that household hardware and the overall sanitary ware research and development and manufacturing strength, through a series of environmental protection science and technology upgrades, implement antibacterial, self-cleaning; The bathroom ark non-toxic tasteless; Faucet lead pollution and so on, from the green environmental protection of product quality, safeguard the health and safety of consumers. Water saving and energy saving products use process, is a common environmental liability businesses and consumers. 

 Play a role in the family role that defend bath, the Appollo high-end integrated bathroom hundreds of stores across the country together with consumer advocate green consumption, consumption in daily life in the process, through the use of water-saving sanitary ware, reduce the waste of water resources, and consumers together to make a contribution to protect the earth's environment. Product manufacturing process, energy saving and emission reduction is the guarantee of sustainable development of enterprises. The eighteenth big points out: construction of ecological civilization, is the relationship between the people's well-being, relationship between national long-term strategy in the future. To realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, build beautiful China, is a common to everyone, every enterprise's responsibility. 

 Appollo in the manufacturing of high-end integral sanitary ware that each link achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, the practice of enterprise of green environmental protection responsibility, this is the guarantee of sustainable development of enterprises. Theme is the world earth day 2017 & other; 

 Economical and intensive use of resources, advocate green contracted life & ndash; — Speak well throughout our earth story &; 。 Appollo high-end integrated bathroom act together with you, from their own small, spread the positive energy, green speak good story of our earth. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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