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How consumers choose good water-saving toilet? Manufacturers have something to say!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-05
On market recently, water-saving toilet is very fire, and the merchant's hype, so there are a lot of environmentalism consumers have strong support, but a lot of section water closestool is hidden, not only saving water, also became a fee for water, so the real water saving toilet how to choose? Appollo sanitary ware manufacturers have something to say!

step 1: sit implement water effect logo

on August 1, 2018, sit implement water marking rules for the implementation, must with the toilet water effect logo can only be on the market sales, the user can according to the effect of water level, water and other performance index to select water-saving toilet.

step 2: DianDian weight

in general, the toilet is heavier, the better, ordinary toilet weight around 25 kilos, and good toilet is 50 kilograms. Weight heavy toilet density is big, material is solid, quality is better. If you don't have the ability to pick up the whole toilet weight to weigh in hand, it might as well up the tank cover to weigh in hand a weigh in hand, because the weight of the tank cover and the weight of the toilet often is proportional to the.

step 3: having capacity

in terms of the same water effect, water consumption is, of course, the less the better. Sales on the market of sanitary ware, usually indicate the water consumption, but have you ever wondered, this capacity is likely to be fraudulent? Some undesirable businessman to deceived consumers, products will be the actual water consumption nominal for small dosage, make consumers into a literal trap. Therefore, consumers should learn to test the real toilet water.

step 4: test tank

in general, the higher the height of tank, the impact, the better. In addition also need to check whether the flush toilet tank is leaking. You can drop in the toilet tank in blue ink, stir after the toilet water in presence of water flow out of the blue, if have, explain the toilet is leaking.

step 5: consider water a

water quality directly affect the flushing effect, and determine the service life of the toilet. Press the pushbutton to hear sound when the choose and buy, ringing sound as well. To observe another size of water in the water valve, the valve, the greater the effect of the water, the better, more than 7 cm in diameter is preferred.

step 6: touch glaze

good quality toilet, glazed smooth, appearance is bright and clean smooth, no bubbles, colour and lustre is also very soft. You must use the original reflective observation closestool of glaze, matte glaze under the lights in the sky easily. After testing the surface glaze, also should go to touch the toilet drains, if the drain is rough, is easy to hook dirt.

step 7: measuring diameter

large-diameter drainage pipe and the inner surface glazing, do not hang dirty easily, quickly enough that effectively prevent clogging. If not bring a ruler, which put the whole hand in the toilet, mouth hands freely in and out of the more the better.

step 8: blunt water way

the toilet flush way into straight strong pattern, rotation siphon type, spiral siphon type, siphon jet type; According to the water way can be divided into strong fall type, siphon swirl strong fall type and siphon type, etc. Strong fall type and siphon strong fall type sewage capability is strong, but when flush loudly; And spiral type water consumption is larger, but good mute effect; Siphon type.

that's how we introduce water-saving closestool pick today? Give yourself for your family pick a good water-saving closestool, the real water saving master!
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