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How do hutch defends now how's business, the flower is aspersed that defend bath maintenance

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-03
With the rise of the housing market, many investors have tended to favor hutch defends the business, but there are afraid to step into the easily, afraid of risk is too big. So now do hutch defends business how, bath shower how maintenance? To teach you the sanitary ware that let Appollo flower is aspersed curing technique.

1, is the ideal cleaning technique rinse, then wipe with a soft cotton cloth dry tap water on the surface of the metal, because after the water evaporation on the metal surface will form a scale. Wiped gently, not friction. With a wet sponge dry and soft skin, can make bibcock is brilliant.

2, such as the need for a large number of cleaning, use mild liquid glass cleaner, or contains no acid, no wear and tear 'soft liquid and dissolve powder, no polish grinding solution can remove thick mask and debris on tap, do not use any grinding cleaner, cloth or paper cloth, and any acid detergent, polishing abrasive or coarse cleaner. Cleaning is finished, please both with water to remove all detergent, and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

shower shower bibcock notice to maintain

1, the single authority bibcock is in use process, should slowly open and close, will not be shut of double handle bibcock is too die, or you will make the water stop plug, cause not close, check the water.

2, hang a wall shower shower bibcock is generally more prominent, so pay attention to the handling of items don't knock against, or pressure to it. Especially some brands of bibcock surface electroplating processing is quite thick, not hard to touch or grinding, so when use, try to avoid contact with hard objects such as rings, lest cause fatal.

3, in the water pressure is not lower than 0. 02 mpa, if it is found that water yield reduction, could be leading it blocked. Solution was using a wrench gently twist at the outlet of the tap water mouth mesh hood, put impurities carefully again after cleaning, are generally able to recover.

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