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How much investment sanitary ware shop, the future trend of bathroom ark

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-19
How much investment sanitary ware shop, the future trend of bathroom ark? Must have a lot of investors are plagued the problem, but think carefully, and the development course of bathroom cabinet, you will find that in fact the market still has a very large space, see how to change, how to seize market, to analyze the sanitary ware that Appollo analysis.

30 years development of Chinese sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet is an important category in sanitary ware. Bathroom ark before birth, people are using the ceramic bowl, the post for everyday wash gargle. In the 1990 s, people's living standards improved significantly, toilet space expanded, not very beautiful, ceramic basin of the post to decorate beautification toilet, generation glass basin bathroom cabinets, glass basin color is rich, diverse styles, but not high temperature resistant glass, use for a long time gradually exposed the shortcomings. Then, real wood, multi-layer solid wood and PVC bathroom cabinets and stainless steel bathroom cabinet and steel wood bathroom ark arises at the historic moment.

2017 annual bathroom ark industry hot word count

4 industry. 0 era, industry ushered in the intelligent development, what is the popular style this year? What is the trend of future development?

ready custom: the future trend of the development of the

in recent years, the whole house custom has always been the popular words, because consumers there is a 'decorate a home' core requirements, ready to customize by, more and more gradually began to infiltrate into the space that defend bath ready to customize. Bathroom cabinets enterprise has introduced ready, consumer market has become increasingly strong demand for personalized, customized will become the future development trend of sanitary ware industry.

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