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How much is the whole sanitary ware? What are the characteristics?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-08

Now many families live in began to install the whole sanitary ware in, so the whole sanitary ware began to industrialization production. Because of the addition of new material, make whole bathroom more close to the requirement of low carbon environmental protection, making it to the true sense of energy conservation and environmental protection products. Not only that, the overall sanitary ware has many other advantages, such as good waterproof anti-freezing function for the general customers praise. In mass production, and can also can be personalized, customized design, let people praise for whole sanitary ware. The following is to introduce what are the typical features of integralsanitary ware. Before introduce characteristics, let's recall the traditional toilet is how to decorate. Friends must have decorated house masons dealt with you, we know that the traditional decorate toilet when you need to have the masons lee play ping, waterproof coating, ceramic tile, do the table and a series of processes. A toilet decorate down, not a day or two is totally impossible. But the presence of the whole sanitary ware completely subvert the traditional way of toilet decorate, completely is industrialized production, let toilet decorate integration, streamlining, simple and fast. A complete whole sanitary ware to the traditional wash gargle toilet bath and the function of using the toilet, and there are functional units alone is separate, chassis roof and wall plate produced by the use of special materials, the overall frame structure, clean to provide reasonable return to put, and toilet environment as a whole. Not only that, but now the whole sanitary ware is a composite material production and become, mainly including the bathtub, such as a complete set of integral sanitary ware that washstand, ground and metope, etc. After adopted composite material, whole sanitary ware is more durable, and the quality of the whole lighter, assembled also saves energy. Due to the resistance of the composite material is high, so in the course of everyday use almost won't appear damage phenomenon. Different space often put way and design method of integral sanitary ware is not the same, and facilitate the construction performance of composite materials for sanitary installation becomes more easily. If you are a DIY enthusiast, and perhaps even himself to the design of integral sanitary ware that belongs to oneself. But in our country the emergence of a more strange phenomenon, is also a worth serious discussion of a question. That is, the whole sanitary ware is often abroad apartment buildings with more, and are relatively cheap products better, but after enters the domestic market positioning in the high-end products, this is ridiculous. Want to think about this aspect interested friends can go. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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