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How much money to join wei yu, choose the flower is aspersed four methods

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-26
Many people have such doubt, wei yu to how many money? Sanitary ware shop hard business, in fact as long as the choice of the franchise brand, is not out of the question. So how much money to join sanitary ware, choose the flower is aspersed four methods: you know what? Appollo is to simply say that defend bath.

a, nozzle valve core

want shower shower nozzle can be used for a long time, so when the choose and buy must pay attention to the stand or fall of the nozzle valve core. Because a good hydraulic valve core can not only give residents a good shower experience, also can save water, save money for residents, to protect the environment. So how to choose? You need when choosing to pay attention to check the nozzle of the test report, only in line with national testing standards of nozzle is the real environmental protection water nozzle. Appollo sanitary ware, focus wei yu product development practice.

2, surface coating,

the surface coating of good or bad will directly affect the nozzle using effect, also affect the family cleanup is difficult. So you must be aware of when to choose choose uniform coating, level off is smooth the surface of the nozzle. Whether the commonly used detection methods are: to observe the surface colour and lustre is uniform, do you have any image of oxidation dyeing. On the surface of touch to have burr, uneven image.

3, the effect of water

water effect detection is mainly use the test at the scene. The way water is determined by personal habits of shower, is to use spray or spray, as long as the test on the spot. Of course as objects that defend bath more humanized design, are generally have a spray and spray the combination of two kinds of shower nozzle.

4, nozzle material

the nozzle material affects people shower sanitary condition, general advice to choose copper nozzle, the material of the nozzle is not easy to crack, with long time, at the same time, it is not easy to shelter evil people and practices, also easy for you to clean up. At the same time when selecting nozzle need to pay attention to the material accessories, should be chosen in accordance with the national standard parts, otherwise easy to fracture in use process, cause nozzle can't use.

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