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How much money you need to start a bath shop, sanitary ware industry present situation analysis

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-27
So far, China has become the world's leading ceramic sanitary ware market, and as an indispensable part of family life space that defend bath, the attention of consumers also more and more. So how much money you need to open a sanitary ware shop, sanitary ware industry present situation analysis: you know what? Appollo today will give you the sanitary ware that analysis is analyzed.

with the development of new sales model, consumers purchase channels are made of pure line gradually transition to the online double channels. Such as, according to data for standardization of higher product, such as sanitary hardware ( Showers, faucets) , sanitary fittings ( Towel rack, toilet brush, etc. ) And other products, the proportion of consumers in the online buying is higher; For non-standard products, such as toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room and other products, consumers prefer to buy below the line.

in recent years, the rapid development of web shopping, sanitary ware products online sales is no exception.

Appollo the sanitary ware that can be seen from a platform of data analysis, in decorate busy season 3 In June, 8 - In December, things that defend bath the network trade index is relatively high, especially at eight December is the golden period of sanitary ware products online sales, 11. 11 electrical daqo promote trade index of the year. According to some platform statistics show that as of November 12, 2017, '11. 11 world carnival 'online trading broke through 168. 2 billion yuan. Visible, electric business platform has enormous influence on the sales of sanitary ware, which is why the new sales sanitary ware companies into electricity.

as the online population growing and younger, online shopping consumer preferences also directly affects the research and development of sanitary ware products design. Also can be seen from the transaction data, online consumers of bathroom ark, shower shower bibcock suit, one intelligent sit implement, bath hardware products such as high attention, visible young consumer groups are more likely to buy combination, suits, smart products.

as the change of the mainstream consumer groups, consumers prefer after 80, 90, environmental protection, intelligence, a new type of bathroom products can be customized, prefer one-stop shopping, online shopping experience of choose and buy, it also inspires sanitary ware enterprises constantly upgrading, transformation, on the product innovation, constantly on the sales model optimization. In 2018, in the accumulation of good policies, market, the upgrading of consumption under the influence of factors such as the development of sanitary ware industry will usher in the new opportunities.
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