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How much money you need to start that defend bath shop? Mainly has the five investments

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-22

needs further growth, investment open bathroom franchisees to become hot start-ups. But for people who are just into the open bathroom store need how many money? This is the first consideration in front of the shop. How much money you need to start that defend bath shop? According to join the brand, the city, and the size of the stores to order, different brand to join requirement is different, different urban management costs, investment funds are not the same as you need to start that defend bath shop. In general, to open a boutique shop sanitary ware the 5 money cannot little.

 1, the store is not the same as the rental store in different areas, high-end building materials market rent 200 yuan/square meters, large cities and ordinary level city building materials market in 80 - rent 100 yuan/square meters, three or four line city store rents in the 30 - 50 yuan/square meters. Store lease way there are many kinds of, have a plenty of yearly pay the rent, or half a year to pay, pay some quarter, also some pay a second, we can prepare a year rent.

 2, storefronts decorated storefront fitment is constitute the second part of the how much money you need to start that defend bath shop, brand sanitary ware has more strict requirements for store decoration, this also is for later better sales. Different brand bathroom storefront renovation costs is different, can according to the 500 - Calculated on the basis of 1000 yuan/square meters. 

 3, samples and the goods in order to better provide customers a variety of products, complete store samples as far as possible, often sell products also need a good stock for stock.

 4, personnel salary personnel salary is how much money you need to start that defend bath shop in the fourth part, the early stage of the general staff structure need to buy 2, 1 salesman, delivery installation work 1, late after the completion of channels, can add plot extension workers, the home installs the salesman, such as the establishment of vertical marketing channel.

 5, the marketing cost in addition to the above four necessary funds, but also set aside a marketing expenses, to brand in local market promotion activities, such as business activities and so on. Don't ready, because they had no money to promote and reach the ideal performance. How much money you need to start that defend bath shop? Above is just for reference only, probably, how much is the specific open bath its franchisees to combined with the actual circumstances. The above is to introduce the related questions of how much money you need to start that defend bath shop. Appollo in bath in the hot investment promotion. Online comments, welcome to ask us for details. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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