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How much profit wei yu, whole wei yu fresh air to the market

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-23
How much profit wei yu, whole wei yu fresh air to the market? The problem in microseconds after hutch defends exhibition above have a preliminary understanding, each big brand display products has once again set off a wave of market, both the intelligence of a few years old sanitary and traditional bathroom products, are blooming in their respective areas, achieved perfection, the design process.

Appollo sanitary ware manufacturers throughout the hutch defends exhibition find whole wei yu had quietly on the historical stage, but also at the exhibition this year, there is no doubt that this trend has been gradually forming, sanitary industry is developing in the direction of the whole, ready. So today, let us together into the whole wei yu the world, understand the market direction.

whole sanitary ware was born in

with the improvement of people's aesthetic and increased awareness of integrity, whole wei yu won the favor of the market, build a unified style, let design made from that moment on. Toilet layout of all kinds of bright color, give the market a lot of inspiration and enlightenment, the integration of the whole wei yu custom also give more choice and space to the market, has become the developing direction of the industry in the future. It is worth noting that the integral style that defend bath more brands this year to contracted, topics such as green, environmental protection, and the early years of luxury, such as classical style contrasts.

close to the market, reflect value

in toilet or kitchen, or the balcony area, as far as sanitary hardware and other products, all ready, make household integration more benchmarking. Immobilized ready doesn't make the design mode, on the contrary, it can also be diverse, make the design more can reflect the value of the product, not just confined to one kind of other products, and thus can be closer to the market.

control in the design of the

in other words, is ready to defend bath and its control in the design, the design is the only thing to make the decoration of all kinds of material elements more coordination reasonable collocation, secondly, monoblock belongs to the category of the standardized operation, and through the monoblock can improve the operational efficiency of domestic outfit material supply chain, reduce the purchasing cost, and reducing the costs of logistics warehousing; Then, monoblock through integrated marketing pattern, greatly reduced the cost at the same time also meet the demand of the consumer 'one-stop shopping' domestic outfit.

development trend and seize the opportunity

sanitary ware industry market will inevitably toward ready mode to develop in the future, only is wei yu, after will towards this whole furniture building materials industry pattern. As now we used to say, the future has come, we have to see whether we would be ready to meet the changing market, can seize the opportunities, valiant.
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