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How the toilet decorate a design? Six toilet decorate a practical technique is introduced

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-11

Don't look down upon small toilet, this is a very important part of in the home, also to pay attention to when decorating, although toilet is small, but decorate it is very cumbersome, if ignored some details, because there is no problem. Toilet decorates the six practical skills of bathroom decorate construction details from several aspects, threshold, waterproof, floor tile, metope, floor drain, circuit is the key part, the construction details of skills help better decoration effect. 

 1. threshold construction techniques: the bathroom are among the highest mark, in the bathroom to play the role of a waterproof and differentiate space, money also has the meaning of in fengshui. Threshold design key points of construction is to pay attention to the threshold on the plane to wei yu inside tilt, taking the water can be smoothly into floor drain inside the bathroom. 2 it is wide, with the door frame and door frame must be the same and the thickness of the wall, so that when laying floor tile size can, are very effective at preventing breach. 

 2. ground waterproof construction techniques: currently used in waterproof materials mainly waterproofing agent on the ground, when the bathroom waterproof layer to spread to the foundation laid more than 20 cm, the height of the waterproof layer height cannot be lower than the threshold. Floor reserved line, waterproof layer to keep the reserved pipe. Waterproof layer after well and dry, shall be immediately to cement mortar, waterproof layer to prevent breakage. 

 3. When laying floor tile details: laying floor tile should pay attention to tile seam thickness is consistent, and joint alignment and wall brick, floor tile drainage slope. If installed in the bathroom bath, bath crock of the former must use brick wall ceramic tile, floor tile is better to stick to the bottom of the wall first, and then to stick wall brick, lest produce crevasse. 

 4. Circuit laying details: sanitary ware sanitary ware should be hung tin wire tapping, and successively with waterproof tape and insulating tape to tie up, to ensure safety, prevent leakage. All of the wires must be set on fire tube body, switch and outlet is good moistureproof box, or installed in a dry area. 

 5. Bathroom wall tile details: before the wall tile also should do moistureproof waterproof processing, to ensure metope smooth, tile must seam and floor tile, alignment, ensure the whole metope and ground. 

 6. Bathroom floor drain construction details: bridal chamber when making a room drainage hole is compared commonly big, this requires attention to drainage hole, make its and buy back of floor drain. In order to prevent, mud, sand and other debris into the hair, repair floor drain hole aperture of grating should be controlled in 6 - Between 8 mm. ( Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo wei yu's official website
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