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How to carry on the bathroom decorate in both security and can try to save money? -

by:Appollo     2021-02-28
In the bathroom decorate, don't think that in such a small space in addition to the shower room, decorate other parts won't spend how many money, in fact, is a significant cost. There are a lot of places the owner is to be repeated in decorating, lead to cost increase, more than the cost of the advance out of many, so what does not affect the security scheme that can save you again? , wall wall not saved provincial selection into wires and pipes within the wall quality must meet the national standards, not to thus skimping and cause a lot of hidden trouble in the future. Wire casing, pipe recommended ceiling, so even if there was a problem in one thousand, is easy to check which link out the problem, also can reduce the loss to the minimum. If water pipe on the ground, then appear problem, water will leak to the downstairs, seriously affected the residents downstairs life; Pipe condole top, one thousand problems, easy maintenance, easy to detect leaks, less damage. Second, know more about the product on the market have all kinds of sanitary ware products, price is uneven, there are hundreds of yuan, also have tens of thousands of yuan. So we in the choose and buy when, had better choose to understand this person to help choose a economic, beautiful and practical products. If not knowledgeable friend, it is suggested that before the choose and buy the best himself to look at, to choose suitable for their own products. Three, unconscious on the ground elevation and the longest time of contact on the ground, in general will not have direct contact with walls, so I have to attention when selecting a ground material quality. Ground material suggestion is to choose a good waterproof, floor tile of toilet had better choose brand products. While wall brick can choose brand commonly, because there is only one ground surface, and facade has four faces, that saving money is not small. Selection switch, switch socket not saved when buy a good brand, socket can choose ordinary brand. Reason is the use of the switch frequency is high, the quality requirement is high also, and switch is generally installed in a prominent position, require good adornment effect. And socket generally use frequency is very low, such as electric water heater plugged in general will not pull out, after add socket install in concealed locations, usually is not high demands for decoration. This article can also apply to the whole household is decorated in, because the number of in the house of a complete set of switch is usually only a few, and the number of sockets are dozens, so it can greatly save money.
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