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How to choose shower? Look here

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-16

Flower is aspersed is the more common bath products inside toilet, using it to shower not only high effect, and can save energy. It is also used in the family bathroom products for a longer time, so choose a cost-effective flower is aspersed is very important. Early flower is aspersed is not used to take a shower, but used to water the flowers. Later found that the shower effect is good, household flower is aspersed into practice gradually. As time goes on, people to spread in the use of comfort, functional, beautiful sex is becoming more and more attention to and promote the rapid development of the flower is aspersed on the process and functional. At the same time, the style of the flower is aspersed on market leading more and more product updates fast, carelessly trample minefield easily, buy inferior showers. 

Today, it is to talk a good flower is aspersed how to choose? 01 see material pledge in humid environment, such as toilet if the flower is aspersed appearance without electroplating processing will affect the material itself. But the same is electroplating, process treatment differences are big different. In the light of the circumstances, the flower is aspersed surface should be a raven as a mirror, no oxidation spots, charred traces. 

Good showers have been dozens of process strictly to the building, the appollo shower shower through multi-layer plating technology processing, from grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating and chrome plated layer upon layer, strictly control the casting can ensure that will not change in damp environment use near black, sparkling drops. 02 see jet effect even look similar, different flower is aspersed injection effects different flower is aspersed shape looks similar, must see the injection effect, when choosing good quality shower every small nozzle jet is the same, and in different water pressure can achieve effect of showers dripping fun. appollo bathroom shower blowhole is uniform, easy to clean out, each distribution of water spray hole are basically the same, injection effect is the same, the water is exquisite, water flow, guarantee in the shower to enjoy ChangHan dripping wet bathing experience. 03 see shower shower nozzle structure will directly affect the flower is aspersed when washing clean, whether from will also affect the effluent water quality and water pressure. 

The outlet of the flower is aspersed jam is often caused by mesh cover accumulation of impurities, flower is aspersed is used long scale deposition is inevitable, if you can't get clear, some nozzle may be blocked. appollo sanitary safety and comfortable big top gush, made of high quality heat-resistant ABS material, 8 'luxury top gush, silicone outlet, in order to avoid the outlet of the congestion caused by poor water quality, well-designed shower shower nozzle is prominent in the outside, easy to clean. 04 the valve spool valve core quality directly affects the use feeling and service life of the flower is aspersed, can choose the time of flower is aspersed began to twist the switch, repeated comparison, verify the quality of valve core. appollo bathroom shower USES the thermostatic valve core, innovation structure, smooth lines appearance, quality, reliable and durable. 

More important, it is especially to poorer parts of the water quality of water environment of development and design, compared with other products on the market, more can adapt to various needs and environmental challenges, a broader use effect is better. Want to enjoy a comfortable bath, choose suitable and good quality of the flower is aspersed directly determines the comfort of the bath. When choosing bathroom sanitary ware, and based on principles of security, practical, do not blindly buy, avoid reduce the happiness brought by to take a bath. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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