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How to choose the brand sanitary ware your agent? Dealers must read!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-30
How to choose the brand sanitary ware your agent? Dealers must read!

the agent must be made clear to the profit pattern of cooperation manufacturer, look at the manufacturer is to rely on what is the mode of profit, if the manufacturer is to rely on OEM profit, can locate the manufacturer can't spent too much on brand promotion, marketing, brand promotion and market is not a main business of company profits, the company should pay attention to when joining.

a, sanitary ware to see strength

the hefei Appollo wei yu is one of the core enterprise of yangzi group, following the Appollo group since Athena series refrigerators, with excellent quality has won the general consumer's favor and praise. Appollo in 2013, hefei was geared to the needs of the consumers of Appollo series sanitary ware products, the product range includes machine, wash basin, bathtub, bathroom cabinet, shower room, shower faucet bathroom articles for use, etc.

hefei Appollo uphold Appollo group to create high quality life, pay attention to the human health product concept, constantly provide people with fashion, water purification, environmental protection in a body's health product that defend bath, a 'new home, new home, new life,' the beautiful enjoyment, Appollo - — Well-known trademarks in China, the Chinese famous brand, contribute to improving human life quality constantly.

2, bath agent, heavy reputation

1. Jinbei silver cup as the citizens of the public praise, good brand as good word-of-mouth, wei yu word of mouth does not only depend on a large number of mandatory advertising 'bombing', but to create in the minds of consumers. Choose a few industry brand with good reputation, sales will be guaranteed. Appollo sanitary ware brand by brand management ability, good let the customer agree with our business philosophy.

2, build in accordance with our standard image store, has basic mature distributor network.

3, have a certain experience in enterprise management ability and the team construction.

4, good after-sales service to control ability, independent installation team, can properly handle customer complaints in a timely manner.

5, for the industry, Products) Regional marketing experience, experience in sales of similar products.

6, related professional market operation management experience and familiar with the market and understand wei yu advantage with related information.

7, good commercial reputation, professional dedication and personal reputation.

3, bath agent than service

1, brand support,

2, store support

3, opening support

4, market operation support

5, advertising support

6, the staff support

7, training support

8, terminal brand promotion support

9, channel development support

10, exchange, maintenance and logistic support

in general, have the core competitiveness of enterprises in technological innovation, product research and development, the management idea, management ability and so on are not other companies can match, bath agent through the cooperation with them, can greatly reduce the risk of the agent, to achieve the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.
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