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How to correctly choose sanitary ware?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-15

Believe that most families have lived in the building, even some friends still live in the villa. Both buildings and villas, the vast majority is equipped with toilet, have the place to be without sanitary ware of toilet. And when decorate, how to correctly choose sanitary ware is a problem concerned by many friends. External beauty, not just a good set of sanitary ware and use function, it can even bring good experience using the toilet. Will come here and share a little knowledge about bath solution choice. 

 Choose the time of sanitary ware, as a whole must hold good. At present our country's sanitary ware products, there are two main types of materials is a kind of ceramic product, the other is a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, is the composite sanitary ware manufacturer propaganda. In terms of product of pottery and porcelain, main characteristic is to use fixed number of year is long, and not easy ageing. And glass fiber reinforced plastic material of the key characteristics of sanitary ware is a production and processing is easy, and light quality, more convenient to install. 

 The user can choose according to their own conditions to what material of sanitary ware. In general ceramic products are more likely to be broken, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic products, aging faster. Distinguish between two kinds of material method is very simple, is striking. Ceramics are ringing sound, and glass fiber reinforced plastic produces similar to knock the voice of the plastic. When choosing sanitary ware, in addition to the material, the appearance is also very important reference factors, choose the appearance, we can see, can touch, see the time to carefully observe the appearance is smooth, if there is a bubble or gravel. 

 And see when have to focus on take a look at the shape and see if the modelling elegant and delicate. If the work is very rough, do not have to choose, see time should combine oneself toilet decorate a style, color and style collocation is the best and consistent toilet decorate a style. When selecting a sanitary ware, 3 big everybody the easiest access to the noun. The so-called 3 big, refers to the wash basin, toilet and bath crock. This 3 big buy down is a lot of money, so be careful to distinguish, carefully choose and buy, must not listen to guides or sales personnel of assertion, oneself want to refer to several more, ask more experienced friend, can't purchase in the case of don't understand. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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