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How to do business, wei yu 2019 sanitary ware market?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-20
For many need to decorate home, choose sanitary ware is a headache thing, a good product that defend bath is indispensable for a good home. So how do sanitary ware business, sanitary ware market? Below let Appollo analysis to analyze the whole sanitary ware is decorated for the influence of the sanitary ware market.

1, the change of direct purchase object, enhance the barriers to entry sanitary ware enterprises has become an important aspect of decoration, consumers are willing to invest a lot of energy, time and money, in order to seek the best sanitary ware for your own bedroom. With the advent of the era of housing the whole decoration, consumer choice of sanitary way will slowly change, from independent selection, supervision, installation, after-sales problem, etc. , to the developer is responsible for all procedures, consumers can save a lot of heart. So, sanitary ware buyers will by individual consumers into real estate developers or decoration company, etc. , it also improves the sanitary ware production enterprises barriers to entry.

2, production of sanitary ware enterprises, management and logistics supporting is, the strength of the weak will be eliminated sales orders, batch production, unified installation, after-sales service object is no longer a person, but to enterprises, it is bound to a certain influence on the sanitary ware production enterprises. That is the main body of the buyer and the seller are enterprise directly, strength disparity is not so big, developers and decoration company in the sanitary installation, service will have more say in the process, so as to protect the interests of buyers. So the sanitary ware production enterprises is a big test, the customer upgrade to the enterprise is more demanding, virtually increased the threshold, the weaker or credibility of enterprises will exit under this situation, accelerating industry 'shuffle'.

3, marketing ideas to appropriate adjustments in the individual consumers as the main body of market environment, is the main move consumers themselves on marketing idea, but decorate in all times, must also consider direct buyers ( Is the developer and decoration company) How, in the whole service to their satisfaction, worry, in order to maintain the interest of such a big customer. Once established good reputation, the cooperation between the two sides will continue for a long time.

4, sanitary ware production enterprises relatively save worry, can I save management cost is heading full decoration project demand is high, because of the large quantity, therefore, the mass production 'orders' of the enterprise, need to get rid of the 'home' single mode of production and sales of decoration, from design, production, distribution and installation, after-sales service and other links, saving management costs.

5 and more need to strengthen the industry regulation, the sanitary ware that Appollo found due to the sanitary ware industry in its early development stage, the lack of effective implementation of norms and standards, there is a problem no basis, so frequently, it is difficult to solve the problem. And decorate all because of the volume concentration, high technical requirements and management requirements, and involving surface is wide, so need more robust regulation.

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