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How to install the whole shower room will only be stronger -

by:Appollo     2021-02-28
Actually every family has a shower room shower room should be installed to understand, so even if what's wrong with the shower room suddenly, that you also know how to deal with. The following brand shower room - — To teach everyone how to install the whole shower room. The whole installation process of a shower room: see the product packaging material is complete, open after check whether the configuration is ready to complete. Ready to use the tool. Then get ready to install at the bottom of the pot good combination, to adjust the level of the bottom basin and ensure basin, pelvic effusion. The pelvic floor and floor drain after link is firm who is testing, to ensure that the clear water. Bottom pot must be careful when installation, water detection is an essential link to try. Overall shower room installation process 2: clear the bathroom exhaust pipe layout, prevent damage when punching hidden line. With a pencil and level determine first against the wall of aluminum drill bit, and then use percussion drill for drilling. The strong degree of shower room and whether safety and has a lot to do when the installation is normal, every step will affect the product whether can normal use. In the hole type colloidal particle, the aluminum bar with screw to lock in the wall. Overall shower room installation process 3: fixed glass, the glass clamp lock hole in the bottom pot, curved or flat glass to fall into the glass clamp groove, slowly push stick wall aluminum, again using screw fixation. After completion of this step, find the corresponding position above the glass hole, the fixing seat and connected pipe jacking, fixed with bend set it at the top of the glass. Measure the position of the good shelf installation, tighten the layer board nut, fixed layer plate glass and keep the vertical and horizontal. Under fixed glass aluminum to waterproof work, pack good activity after the door of the hardware will be loading in fixed door hinges reserved empty place. Installed the axial position of the adjusting lotus leaf, until the individual feels close feel satisfied. Overall shower room installation process four: according to the requirements on the side of the glass or installed under suction or water retaining strip. The aluminum with silica gel and wall, glass with bottom thick seam basin of the joint. Check whether the parts use comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be timely adjustment. Adjust after tightening the screws, corresponding to the shower room is more strong. Use cloth to wipe the whole bath room. According to the requirements on the side of the glass and installed below the absorption or strip block water. The aluminum with silica gel, glass, wall and bottom pot joint sealing. Check whether the parts when using comfortable and smooth, check each part of the good, tighten the different parts of screw, make a shower room is more secure.
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