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How to let bath agent dealers alive? Money is the hard truth!

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-17

Dealers as enterprises occupy the market & other Vanguard & throughout; To expand the group, China merchants work for a moment did not dare to stop. However, compared with the investment promotion work, appollo, pay more attention to keep, when dealers difficulties, appollo always believe that if can & other; Nice surprise & throughout; , take the initiative to provide service for the dealer, will let the dealer unswerving enthusiast, so both sides can hand in hand and win-win. 

A, market expansion services appollo in addition to cooperate fully with the dealers through the perfect logistics system, to timely and effective product distributors and terminal distribution, also help defend bath agent to market development work, according to the appollo's overall marketing strategy, combined with the dealer marketing process, assist dealer design wei yu product promotion, marketing activities, the terminal image display. In addition, also by appollo company's web site, enterprise group, unified printed page publicity brochures, leaflets, product manuals, etc for the dealer to promote, maintain communication between sanitary ware manufacturer and distributor. By the dealer in strengthening the appollo launch all kinds of advertising campaign, marketing activities, the effects of brand communication activities. 

Second, many of China's sanitary management service agents are normal, they don't have the system operation and management experience, by virtue of the advantage management appollo can help dealers to store management, sent the outstanding management personnel to help them to establish scientific management system, teach them the advanced management methods, improving the management level of the agent that defend bath. The management level of dealers, to enhance the comprehensive competition ability, they naturally can help manufacturers sell more product that defend bath. If wei yu agents with the help of the factory was a greater progress and success, they will have gratitude to sanitary ware manufacturer, more sense of belonging for appollo. This makes our agents that defend bath is not easily leave appollo and choose another partner. Three, staff training, service the wei yu that most agents don't have time and energy to train their employees, and, of course, more is caused by the training consciousness is not strong. 

As a result, they especially need the support of manufacturers to provide staff training. In the technical level, the appollo dealers can be sanitary ware product sales, installation, after-sales maintenance services, exhibition, advertising technology, activities, organizing technical training; On the operation and management, and also will send professional management or marketing experts for dealers boss himself, the manager, director and his staff for the operation and management of the shop, technical training, improve the comprehensive competition ability of dealers. Let the dealer to survive, make money is the hard truth! Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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