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How to open a sanitary inn, the location of over to you!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-29
For many people who invest the bath shop, site selection is a headache problem, relative to the operation, the site selection is a more of the problem, if the location is not good, may bring a lot of damage. So how to open a bath shop location? The following Appollo sanitary ware is to teach you how to do it.

a, positioning analysis,

in location positioning hard work before, according to the positioning to select a suitable location. To the analysis of positioning. To examine before you open a shop market, according to the demand of the consumers, people's consumption level, and so on to determine positioning, according to the location to determine the location.

2, store analysis

location, want to consider many factors. In the bustling area location, although the traffic is very big, but the rent cost is higher, if the business is a general store, it is not suitable for this location. According to the business, in the population density of residential area set up shop are an appropriate gift.

3, traffic analysis,

location must also take into account the factors such as traffic, transportation, if the traffic is large, and the traffic is convenient, to open a shop. When siting, except to examine these also should according to own actual situation, in time to avoid rent selected stores in the downtown, can effectively reduce the management risk.

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