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How to put the bath stores operate well, be careful not to become a 'big steward'

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-20
Thousands of dealers, sanitary ware is not who can realize the dream of making money, it is associated with the lack of the ability to relate to their own. In sanitary dealers have a kind of management in the growth of 'ceiling' phenomenon, namely share all want to do, don't know the staff management, the result became 'housekeeper', lead to career always marking time, and how to defend bath stores operate well, be careful not to become a 'big steward'!

management ability in the 'ceiling'

threshold low sanitary ware products, as well as the channel of the great variety of formats, determines the dealer the population quality is uneven. Both the turnover of billions of dollars in company operation dealer, or brand operators, also with annual turnover of hundreds of thousands, millions or even more dealers, at the same time, in the dealer groups, there is a 'pygmy' dealers have been grow up.

with the continuous increase of turnover, number of employees increased gradually, the boss, the salesman, driver, porter the four one of the position and role, to get more and more dealers in confusion. They also want to break, but don't know how to start, some of them also know should hire professional managers to manage the company, but they really don't have the heart to, don't trust the 'outsider' to manage his own company. They hesitated and even fear, afraid, careful development, so that hobbled, same, to become the enterprise grow up.

identity should be transformed into 'steersman'

actually, sanitary dealers want to make a lot of money, do great things, we must break through from a couple of soho to normative corporate transformation. Must be from the 'head tube to foot' 'main' into a direction, regardless of the technology of 'pilot', according to their own development stage, the timely introduction of professional managers, to achieve professional people do professional thing, let oneself become a 'managing people', rather than what all tube, in detail, what all tube bad 'soho'.

efficiency from management, only sanitary dealers understand management, good management, 'laissez-faire', skillful in using the strength of others to achieve their goals, can truly embarked on a track of normalization, corporate, to really 'make them let the shopkeeper,' and let his career reached its peak.

of course, if you want to make money, sanitary dealers also need continuous learning, to create learning-oriented enterprises and organizations, to constantly enhance their core competitiveness, actively participate in the competition; At the same time, to establish and build enterprise culture, through the enterprise culture, solidarity and morale, and management, business market, constantly gain market competition advantage and position.

big eyes is a big market, big breasts bigger. Dealers must have boldness as a big market, management, good management, do the 'pilot', rather than that the outcomes of big housekeeper.
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