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Lazy like a bathroom ark to receive such design completely farewell multifarious

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-21

Within a few square meters of the bathroom, to complete the toilet, bath, wash and dress, and a variety of items are stacked in the bathroom, the hard to avoid in the long term is a bit messy. Especially now all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, but also need to take seriously the receive a function of the bathroom. To solve this problem, no doubt, fall in the bathroom cabinet. Recommended for you below these super receive a function of the bathroom cabinet, as well as the method of simple and practical to receive. Mesa and shelf reasonable planning a lot of people always likes to put things in the bathroom counter top, actually this is wrong. Face location is limited, the bathroom counter put too many items will collide with each other, and put up a fuss. Placed on goods, according to the principle of the frequency plan. Use every day, for example, water glass, toothpaste, toothbrush, facial cleanser, soap, etc.  Suitable for placed on the table, while other items can be put on the shelves. appollo bathroom ark purposely to embed the shelf in picture frame, without any increase in occupied area, fully meet the requirements of the bathroom is received, put some makeup and skin care products on the shelf, already beautiful practical. Male host and goodwife items separately on the bathroom not all items are used, each of the items should be of the host and hostess separately, so as not to take the wrong to let each other can't find it. Designed for different items of different placement, appollo do more humanized sanitary ware, the bathroom ark design points up and down or multiple store content ark, will each item placed on the corresponding position, women use cosmetics and skincare products, men with razor, each take up is very convenient. Use opportunely frames receive a space behind the mirror also can receive effect, believes that many people ignore this. appollo bathroom cabinet in this respect has done very meticulous, open multiple shelf behind the mirror, it can be placed some not very commonly used items, or temporary unused supplies, after all, we won't open all the time frame. Increase shelf inside the frame, do increase the receive a space already, also close the distance of the mirror with people, more convenient daily dress and make up. Hierarchical design to cultivate good habits of life a lot of people think the more things will have to buy a large size of bathroom ark, actually it's not quite right, big size of bathroom ark is not equal to a big receive a space, receive a space of reasonable design is the key. appollo is carried out on the bathroom ark in the main tank receive a space layered frame design, each item has its own placement, finished in place at a time, to avoid wrong and wrong, to develop good habits in our daily life, make up and put everything neat and orderly fashion, use rise more convenient also. Use receive tank expansion space if there are too many items, and space of the bathroom also permits, add a tank is a very good choice. appollo bathroom ark, receive tank space is divided into closed and open, the benefits of this design is that different objects can be placed in the corresponding position. Commonly used items need to get, is suitable for the open store content ark, put the towel bath towel items should not be exposed for placing cupboard door locker, make good use of tank can supplement the shortage of the ark of the Lord to receive very good. As can be seen from the above receive bathroom cabinet design, a good bathroom ark, can bring the space more neat and orderly to the bathroom. Choose a bathroom cabinet, is also a lifestyle choice, appollo sanitary ware & ndash; — “ Leading the gold life & throughout; The bath life of, for the user to create a higher grade. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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