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Liberating nature smart bathroom ark makes you between sanitary waresing loudly

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-11

I love take a shower skin very good, the original bathing in addition to good skin, sing in the bathroom and the result is right also. How many people have this habit, go to KTV at ordinary times is not the most active one, but it is easy to sing in the bathroom, it is also a scientific exquisite. We suggest you, of course, don't suppress their own nature, xiang chang jiu chang! So, why do we take a shower when singing? First of all, from the physics point of view, because the sound velocity can accelerate in the humid environment, and the bathroom space is relatively small, glass and ceramic tile can enhance the reflection of sound, so can produce the effect of mixing in the bathroom, the effect to make sound have dimensional feeling, will become more vigorous good voice. Second, from a biological point of view, in the bath, blood circulation acceleration, people in high spirits, accelerate the blood circulation is beneficial to the vocal cords relax at the same time, moisture adsorption of the negatively charged dust in the air, let air more pure and fresh, pleasant, naturally want to sing! So take a shower when singing is based on science. Then take a shower when singing is good for our body? The answer is yes. Shower singing will deepen the breath, inhaling more oxygen, can not only improve blood circulation, also can release the brain space, improve mood. At the same time, take a shower when singing can relax the body, so as to produce happiness, reduce stress. Shower singing will also help strengthen take a deep breath, make steam to the nose. Helps prevent colds. Because the bathroom is a manual & other; Throughout the recording room &; There is one of the best & other; Audio equipment & throughout; , because the space is narrow, and will increase the sound but also bring increased bass effect function, can let your voice sounds more pleasant, so take a shower when singing can also help confidence to sing her own ascension. Someone said I followed from singing is likely to be out of tune, singing his blind sing all don't know where, can run in the bathroom is the voice of the also can't hear the speaker of the house! How to do? Appollo rand series of bathroom ark and dyson series of bathroom ark choose environmental protection material, its production technology and design concept are leading in the domestic, physical contracted fashion but do not break dignified temperament, very suitable for the present 85 after 90 after the aesthetic orientation of the consumers. In receive a space, humanized design details, such as Appollo both products are combined with the mind of the designer, & other; Let a space more, make store content more neatly. ” Another star is the star product function. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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