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Little knowledge shower mirror fog wei yu, a small coup teach you easily calm!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Every time after shower, bathroom mirror on a layer of mist, every time want to see handsome posture can see after a bath. 。 。 。 。

can't wait, what did you do? Use towel to wipe the size of a face clean area? Or use hair dryer blowing fog drop? Or is it stood shivering to wait?

small make up there is a way to make, there won't be the fog, the mirror in the bathroom, without brush not wait without blow, as long as there is a common piece of soap.

the tool, need

soap, towels,

2, operation steps,

look, this is a normal mirror, take a bath, it must be a full face of fog cover.

take a cake of soap, wipe on the mirror, gently rub soap on the mirror can leave a mark.

like this, usually takes about such a big a clean area. Don't trouble, you can rub the mirror.

then, find a dry lint-free cloth ( The supermarket sells best) of that kind of microfiber cloth Traces, the soap out of mirror erasure.

after bathing, full bathroom, though steam mirror are keeping fresh and lively.

car friend, also can be in the bathroom mirror to put a thin layer of wax. Wax is used in a variety of fine lines, such as glass and metal surface with a layer of specular products, can protect the surface from the dirt.

so, brush on the mirror on a layer of wax and wipe up, even if you will again after the bathroom fog transpiration, also don't have to be first to wipe the mirror to see his messy.
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