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Little knowledge: that defend bath shower room maintenance and maintenance

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-21
If you want to oneself the home of shower room, such as New Year after year, it has a lot to do with maintenance, some users don't know how to clean and maintain, shower room here Appollo sanitary ware to the customer to introduce the maintenance knowledge of shower room.

a, how to use and maintenance of the pulley of shower room

push-pull type shower room, there are sliding block, sliding wheel, gear with three models. Pulley, slider, tooth belt in use some problems that should be paid attention to: 1, is to avoid the collision force shower room door, lest cause activity door fall off; 2, pay attention to regular cleaning bath room slide rail, pulley, slider, filling lubricant ( Lubricating oil and lubricating wax) ; 3, adjusting screw is regularly adjust the slider, by the slider to the shower room of a good bearing and sliding effectively.

2, shower room clean

clean the walls of shower room and shower room bottom pot, please use soft dry cloth. If you have mild dirt, please use soft cloth or sponge neutral detergent for cleaning, when clearing dirties, please use alcohol to clear. When using the bathroom special detergent, please according to specified on its container precautions used correctly. The wrong use method can produce adverse impact, and human and easy to make the product appear some bad situation. To clean shower room please do not use the following items: acidic, alkaline solution, drugs ( Such as hydrochloric acid) , acetone thinner solvents, such as household cleanser, etc. , otherwise will have bad effect to human body, and the shower room products appear some bad situation.

3, the maintenance of the toughened glass shower room

1. Do not use sharp blow or hit shower room glass surface, so as to avoid failure; 2, do not use water class that day corrosive liquid to wipe the glass shower room surface, so as not to damage the surface luster; 3, don't use coarse material wipe the surface of glass, shower room to avoid scratches.

4, shower room of aluminum alloy frame maintain

oxidation coloring products, ( Refers to the gold, silver, silver, brushed silver surface shading class) : this kind of product to electrostatic coating products are not easy to fade color, but can't wipe the surface with a thick rough material, more can't depict the surface with sharp object. If the shower room aluminum surface besmirch, please wipe after washing clean dissolved in neutral water.

5, acrylic shower room using and maintenance of bottom pot

1. Do not use sharp blow or hit yakeli the surface, so as to avoid failure; 2, do not use water corrosive liquid to wipe yakeli the surface of a class that day, so as not to damage the surface luster; 3, don't use coarse material wipes yakeli the surface, to avoid the scratch;

6, gold, silver shower room is the color of the plating?

gold, silver, silver sand, dumb silver, brushed silver, such as the colour of shower room is not plating process, it is a suitable for aluminium profile surface treatment technology. Known as the anode oxygen of coloring. Before oxidation coloring, if first polishing aluminum surface reaches a certain brightness, the material similar to stainless steel, we call it the silver, if will play sand material surface treatment after oxidation coloring, we call it silver sand; If the material surface after dealing with the drawing and coloring, we call it brushed silver. Due to the use of this process of aluminum made shower room with a metal texture, so favored by customers.

7, what is toughened glass? Why is there toughened glass explode oneself phenomenon?

in general, the use of glass shower room is processed by the method of physics of toughened glass, the glass after warming heated to a certain temperature and then suddenly cooling process. Toughened glass has changed after the glass inside the crystal structure, improve the surface hardness, impact resistance and bending strength of glass 3 - greater than that of the common glass 5 times. When there was a broken loss affected by external force, small shards of glass is no acute Angle, the harm of human body was significantly reduced. But once the disadvantages of toughened glass is accidentally damaged glass is a small part of the whole, ( Including the edge, Angle) Unlike the common glass only short of broken part, but the whole piece of broken.

toughened glass in the process of production, due to some factors caused by the uneven pressure will immediately blown; Or product after the completion of the glass inside and outside the compressive failure to average and cannot show at that time, it will pass product under dynamic reflecting critical phenomenon; Or in the peripheral factors, such as average stress in the glass installation without direct roof pressure and hard glass surface will appear the phenomenon. So physical toughened glass will have disclosed rate exists.

eight, how to order according to the size of you need shower room?

from the kinds of shower room could be divided into two types: standard size products and customized products, from the physical type can be divided into rectangular ( Including square, rectangular) Circular arc ( Including the semi-circular, all round) , diamond, linear screen, etc. In addition to the full arc cannot accept customized products, the other type can be big of small, according to their own space shape choose customized shower room. But it must be in accordance with the requirements of the design model, size range. The dimension of shower room might be limited by the door width is not small, is restricted by security at the same time, also cannot exceed the size limit.
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