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Little secret revelation in Germany between sanitary ware

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-11

Most of the people, for the bath still stay on the concept of clean body. However, in the now is very behind The Times. Income is higher and higher, the grade of the life also more and more high, just a clean how can satisfy the need of modern urban life? 

 All kinds of heavy pressure of work and life every day, make the place more cordial, because home is the harbor of the soul, bathed in the home, nature also became a kind of spiritual purification. Has a group of people: their lost youth, active mind, always come when you least expect them to attract people's eyeballs. 

 Their income is considerable and taste good, elegant and intellectual, leisurely, became a synonym for their sexy fashion, personality and independent value is their pursuit of direction. They are the elves of the world, has a charming name: noble woman. This is a reading of Appollo for the white-collar women. Design into many German element of Appollo, for bathing culture have a more profound insights. In Germany, bathing has become a symbol of culture. About German early bath culture, feng & middot; Eschenbach had in 1207, in his 'palmer cut val' describes a century knight: bath & other; He wake up in the morning he is ready for the bath before bed, this is his home, he was from the direction with roses, even no one to wake him up, guests also automatically woke up.

 This beautiful young man got into the bath bucket, there came a bright beautiful enchanting young women, I don't know who makes them, in the splendid in canopy light, they solemnly into indoor, bathing for the guest, with their clean soft hands, gently touch the wounds of the guests, they compliment him, let he forgot his jokes. He patiently to enjoy this kind of comfortable, they take a bath towel for him, but he pretended not to notice, otherwise he will be shy in front of the girls, he doesn't want to in front of them took the bath towel, while the girls are willing to stay there, but he did not make it, they have to leave. ” In Europe at that time, this title is not literally can have knight, only noble knight's title, this shows that era, bath is a kind of noble and holy etiquette.

 For large aristocracy, bathing activity is not only is the symbol of elegant manners, but also a symbol of wealth, power. In the 14th century book 'etiquette for girls' talk about noble bath, & other; If you don't often take a shower, there will be a lot of people look down on her! ” Bath also ACTS as the important role in the banquet guests. In 1467, the duke of Burgundy when entertaining a sarwar queen charlotte and her, not only make them enjoy the beauty and luxury bath, four had more five meat let them enjoy bath. Knights of the Crusades brought back a large number of eastern spices, knight aristocrats bath is to wash bath dozens of different parts of the body, even bath clean them, there is specially prepared. In modern Germany, however, in addition to the bath is a kind of culture, a new generation of people is to give it a kind of fashion. The bath as a kind of enjoyment, let the spirit temporarily free from the body, from the reality and go. This is the new era was bathed the best explanation. 

 Through body arrived at heart, bath is the most direct way. Bathing is not only wash away the dirt of the body, more important is to wash the exhaustion of the spirit, for both physical and mental relaxation. Bath represents a kind of enjoyment, a kind of fully enjoy. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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