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New bathroom ark, 【 First change at first glance, for a long time in still heart 】

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-15
First first huan

long place still become really interested

if there is no wind, clouds will lose half of its magnificence without green, the world will have lost the will is the exuberant vitality if I without you, my world there will be no color is black and white for a long time in seeing you only to find that your charm

only two lucky in life it is good to meet you
once a time in a hurry to turn into your heart years did not change to your mind if you well is sunny

Appollo bathroom ark TY - sanitary ware Series 550, a sunny day if you are

it is sunny day

Appollo bathroom ark TY - Series 550 sunny days, starting from the body and mind, make the bathroom of good life for people, product materials used oak, concise appearance with the temperament of blue mist, this is a at first glance, relatively simple collocation, real joy, are you used to it. Convenient drawer free hand in hand, close the mute technology allows you to feel comfortable enjoy.
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