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New Chinese style bathroom ark interprets the acme taste life!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-10
A ceramic bowl gleaming in the time

mirror the testimony from young to mature self-confidence

there are time, honed to shiny knob

are vivid expression of the space that defend bath,

always inadvertently etched in every corner of the space

nowhere not filled with the rhythm of life

thickness of accumulation of life

life need different dimensions of express

and the space that defend bath is just a stage

just like

kitchens need sauce vinegar of

the balcony need spring foundation deduce

toilet of a thing

more need to stand the baptism of time

Appollo defending bath of Chinese style bathroom cabinet:

Chinese beauty lies in its excelsior detail and distant played an artistic conception. With concise line express profound artistic conception, with plain texture artistically quaint, lightsome, plain of classic emotional appeal.

when the graceful and restrained elegant classical Chinese style elements and the integration of modern aesthetics, integrated with historical charm, a new interpretation mixing experience.

take its charm, its character, modelling elegant and delicate, let a person can't help slow down and enjoy the tranquil life in the poetry. Chinese style style elegant temperament, composed of primitive simplicity is tonal, retains the years trace and lasting appeal.

Appollo defending bath of Chinese style of bathroom ark in traditional Chinese style on the basis of bold innovation, modelling is light and compact and at the same time, the actual situation, space contour soft and full of aesthetic feeling. Fu in space bearing with temperature, art is reflected in the detail of inheritance and the imprint of time.

304 stainless steel cushion hinge, personal ornament, various kinds of formal details such as handle design highlights the typical Chinese style charm, simple but elegant, of primitive simplicity, delicate feeling jump out however. Ceramic table 1280 ° high temperature firing, glittering and translucent get rid of smooth texture, be vividly portrayed, senior feeling, endowed with the spirit world higher satisfaction.

more receive, just for elegant Appollo defending bath of adhering to the consistent focus attitude, the art and technology merged into the field of product creative design, make each product become the home fashion symbol, receive more strong, more practical.


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