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New thermostatic shower is not constant temperature? May be you install error!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-15
Is now dying campfires, listening to the sound of wind in outdoor, quickly wrapped tight long Johns, but a bath or wash, then changed into the experience to the family's better thermostatic showers, governed by hot and cold out of fear. But lots found when using water temperature is not normal, instant petrochemical. Am thermostatic shower only stunt, there is no constant temperature water effect?

NO, the pan thermostatic shower not back! Can check whether the first appeared on the installation problem, after all, thermostatic showers and ordinary shower installation is not the same! Appollo below sanitary ware factory is to explain how the thermostatic shower installed and matters needing attention.

installation considerations before

1, thermostatic showers for the water heater is required. Before installing, therefore, to make sure whether good home water heater and thermostatic shower match.

if you home thermostatic showers and installation of solar water heater, solar water heater in the water pressure is small, hot and cold water pressure caused by difference is bigger, thermostatic showers may stop working. And solar water heaters of high temperature will exceed 80 °, time is long thermostatic shower temperature sensor is easy to lose, shorten the life.

if home thermostatic showers and gas water heater installed together. Your water heater burning gas have the function of constant temperature? Double thermostat is it necessary? If thermostatic shower with constant temperature water heater burning gas, installed suggest set the thermostat water temperature of the water heater to 60 degrees, the temperature of the thermostatic shower set to 38 degrees or so.

2, if the water quality is hard in the home, such as boiling water on the pot without fouling in a few days, the water quality is not suitable for installation of thermostatic showers. Or you can buy which has the function of descaling thermostatic showers.

Appollo defending bath of multifunctional thermostatic showers

the points for attention during the installation of the

1, thermostatic showers must not wrong direction of hot and cold water, are generally left hot right cold standard connection, if wrong will lose its function of constant temperature.

2, check the wall pipe layout, after installation of circuit and the water pipes is clear.

3, check after installation of pipelines for loaded askew, loaded askew words may also affect the use of thermostatic shower.

thermostatic shower installation steps

1, install decorative cover, rubber mat in the faucet nut, alignment S lock nut.

2, install the bend and straight pipe for docking.

3, insert straight components on the leading group, reservation lock fastening screw.

4, connection with showers, connect the hose on the other side under the constant temperature faucet of vertical outlet.

5, install thermostatic showers.

6, after installation, test the tap switch state of the water meets the constant temperature condition.

now know how to install thermostatic showers, Appollo thermostatic shower sanitary ware manufacturer USES the French resistance to thermostatic valve core, can rapid temperature control, durable, say goodbye to the embarrassment of hot and cold in cold winter, makes every bath can enjoy.
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