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No performance start bath shop? Don't offend the customer, don't even know it!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-24
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many strange things will happen often,

chatting chatting customer suddenly gone,

chatting chatting suddenly don't talk,

feel angry customers,

but he always don't understand is why?

. 。 。

why customers offended?

what reason be?

today small make up will help you arrange,

opens the action reason can cause the customer's mood.

the customer happy 7 big reason:

1, expression ugly

2, ugly words

3, body movements to make the customer unhappy

4, turn away, and don't respect the customer

5, physiological factor

6, the speed problem

7, carry cargo pressure, or pressure goods lift people

simple sentence summary, is to offend the customer, the customer gas ran away. Of course, this offence is divided into two kinds, intentional offence and has no intention to upset people, for example, abused patrons, beating customers such as belong to intentionally to upset people, of course, I believe that this kind of low-level mistakes, has few business personnel will dry out. But, unintentionally offend customers?

accidentally offend the situation of the customer specific what?

1, table

people's facial expressions are divided into conscious control and automatic control, consciously control time generally only a few seconds, then, would be the unconscious state, namely the parties themselves don't know what is the expression on his face, when customers into the store, operating personnel will be consciously control, a smile, even with eight teeth and so on. However, only in a few seconds later, the business personnel of the focus has been on the communication with customers, lost control of the facial expressions, despise, suspicion, drowsiness, appear even ferocious facial expression, a cold eye directly kill the customer's purchase enthusiasm.

2, said words

here refers to offend guests, not those who offend the customer in the traditional sense of the language, for example, like to try again! Someone's home and have a look on you! What do you buy it! But business people think is correct, or tag, for example: direct negative customer original purchase plan; Criticized the current customers in the use of the products; I speak the truth ( Customers a listen to, oh, this is true, yi, those words that front? ) ; Our store has a regulation, On the said provisions, with what to customers in the store said provisions) ; This is a unified national price ( How hard breath, direct rebuffed the customer intends to discuss the idea) ;

3, body movements,

the person's body movements and facial expression, also can be divided into conscious and unconscious, oneself make a lot of body movements, the oneself also don't know, I more than once seen a brand electrical appliances shop * * s, picking your nose and said, this is XX high-end products.

4, live action

presence of choose and buy products, two assistant hiding in the corner, side whispered, looking at the customer, you guess what customers think of it? Good thing is not to avoid people, avoid people not good! Go!

5, physiological factors

I only said that the two data, more than sixty percent of americans have a bad breath, and the crowd, with eighty percent of people own smell out again;

6, the speed problem

many shoppers, think to do sales is the mouth to say, can say indicates would say, speak very fast, said after the customer did not understand, and bored. Or speak too slowly, the along while say less than focus, let customer lose patience. Speech patterns do not pay attention to: the speaker no mood to listen to, don't blame customers 'small' mind's eye, is each person's personality is different, so the understanding is different. So, before speaking, first by the customer's dress and temperament, probably judge his character, don't be a 'very serious' front of the person said 'non-ferrous joke', also don't be a 'young' hip-hop show 'too tight'.

7, carry cargo pressure, or pressure goods lift people

described above, is a business personnel, in the case of accidentally offend the customer, after customer be offended, immediately produce disgust and aversion to operating personnel individual, which in turn have joint negative effect on products and brands, then naturally give up purchase plan, leave of your departure.

of course, customers say don't buy the real reason why he left? Of course not, Chinese speech always tactfully, offence, less than half, emphatically is not going to say, the customer usually say something?

it's too expensive, too few gifts, activity is not, I see again, I go home to discuss, this product is not suitable for my needs;

in the long run, business people really thought that customers don't buy, is the customer said his mouth out of these reasons, thus ignore the in-depth study of the problem.

the factory research and development of new products, advertising, dealers do activities to spend money to rent a facade fine decoration, are trying to lure customers into the store, and business personnel repeatedly offend, is equal to the good is not easy to get into the shop customers and blast out of the restaurant. Before our products force is not strong enough, the operating personnel for customers to offend, gas ran back to the customers, is the first killer of store performance!
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