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Non-standard custom shower room, reasonable use toilet -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
According to market survey, about 4 - general in the master bedroom toilet About 5 to 6 square meters, the public toilet 7 square meters, but the overall control under 10 square meters. In such a narrow space, how can the entire space fully, become a problem decorate each person have to think about. Non-standard custom shower room toilet 'small' problem in the face of the toilet of a founder, can choose rectangular shower room. Rectangular shower room makes full use of both sides of the toilet wall, with their three sides of the glass wall, form a relatively closed shower space. Let the small toilet also can get the nice shower room. Solved the problem of the wet partition, ensure the dry toilet other furniture. Non-standard custom shower room toilet 'alien' problem in the face of 'small' toilet already let the designers have a headache, if the toilet is irregular, special-shaped ( Such as ChengLiZhu, occupy the limited space) How to do? Customers can also according to the 'alien', select arc shower room. Arc shower room, use sliding door, bathroom, potential and solve the problem of space is not reasonable, maximum use of bathroom space. Arc worrying for bathroom shower room is too small? For bathroom furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp, not wet partition and worried? Shower room, bathroom small and special-shaped problem, can not only solve the wet partition the worry, also can make furniture from damp. Non-standard custom, let you have a practical and beautiful shower room.
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