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Not discount effect logo will be forced to cancel? ! ! Select water-saving product that defend bath never afraid of the seduced

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-10
On December 25, 2018 by the national standardization technical committee of water-saving effect and on national drainage and irrigation water and water-saving equipment product quality supervision and inspection center, China building materials inspection certification group ( Shaanxi) Co. , LTD. , to undertake national water-saving products quality inspection center technology alliance general annual meeting and the national standardization technical committee of water-saving water effect/TRB annual meeting, end of hefei in anhui.

so on August 1, to the implementation of the toilet water effect logo implementation rules 'how much do you know? Appollo sanitary ware factory under the belt you know! Left left left

1, the water effect logo is?

water effect marks and the level of energy efficiency, water is attached to the product information on the label, used to represent the product level of water effect, water consumption, such as performance index, the index is based on the related products of water effect of mandatory national standard test to determine.

2, water effect on the logo what information?

water effect from top to bottom is divided into 3 grade, from level 1 to level 3 water consumption increases gradually. In addition to indicate the name of the producer and the product specifications, qr code, also need to indicate the average water consumption, total water consumption of the product and semi blunt water use, the enterprise should be according to the specified size, fonts, printed on the corresponding information. Consumers and related law enforcement can be identified by understanding the water performance of the product information, also can be identified by scanning the qr code, enter the water effect identity information platform, access product water effect parameters, the effect of the record number and other details.

3, water effect logo which products cover?

scope of coverage of water effect identification system implement, washing machines, water purification machines, water mouth water products.

in addition, according to different water product technology maturity, market supervision ability and improve the water efficiency standards, will gradually expand into commercial products, industrial equipment and irrigation equipment, etc.

4, fake water mark can be fined 30000 yuan

for production, sales, in violation of the behavior of the product, 'method' has been clear about the legal responsibility and punishment measures, counterfeit, fake identity will be fined 10000 to 30000 yuan. This quality of water-saving products, promote enterprise production and help consumers choose high efficiency of water product, form good atmosphere of water saving in the whole society, promote the construction of water-saving society. And according to relevant statistics, the implementation of water effect identification system, will water saving 6 billion cubic meters per year, or water more than 12 billion yuan.

water effect is the use of the 'self declaration' form and the form of 'water effect for the record', let the people in the choice of water-saving products more clear, simple and convenient don't be fooled!

for defending bath of Appollo 'advocate environmental protection water saving has been one of our brand mission, therefore, is focused on the bath water saving technology, completes the water-saving product that defend bath more responsibility, many type water effect implement are effective identification for the record!

in recent years, as people of environmental protection consciousness enhancement, more and more people begin to pay attention to the protection of the environment, pay more attention to the selection in the household life of green environmental protection, water saving and energy saving. The Appollo through water effect for the record, the sanitary ware that not only witness the Appollo sanitary ware, the strength of the sanitary ware that will spur Appollo work harder, more water-saving product innovation! More implement water effect marks knowledge can reference water effect the national implementation of buy water-saving products look water effect
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